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I.T. Tech (Low Voltage) Pennsylvania

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We are looking for a I.T. Tech (Low Voltage) in Pennsylvania. This will last to the end of January.

Job info:
Pay is open
$70.00 Per Diem
50 to 60 Hours

Job Duties:

1. Copper

2. General cable knowledge
a. Cable types and the differences between them CAT 3/ CAT 5e /
b. How far you can pull cable per the standards and why
c. Difference between Plenum and Non-Plenum
d. Conduit fill
e. Color pattern of a CAT 3-25 pair cable

3. Installation cable supports (J-hooks)
a. Spacing of J-hooks
b. Pulling tension
c. J-hook fill

4. Termination
a. Difference between a 110 style VS 66 style punch down
b. Difference between 568A VS 568B termination ( A pattern VS B
c. How terminate Female jack
d. How to wire a male modular plug (RJ45 male end)
e. Which wires in a 4 pair UTP go to which pins on jack or male
plug end (Knowledge of the number order)

5. Testing
a. Difference between Channel link VS Permanent link
i. Why would you use one over the other
b. Need to understand these testing terms, if cable fails base on
this items why, and how to fix.
i. insertion loss
ii. Next
iii. Wire map

6. Fiber

7. General cable knowledge
a. Cable types and the difference multimode VS single mode
i. Difference between OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, S02
ii. Difference between 62.5 micron VS 50 micron
b. Difference between loose tube fiber and tight buffer
i. Why would use one VS the other
c. Color pattern for a 12 stand fiber
d. Standard colors for connectors and panels for OM1, OM2, OM3,
OM4, S02

8. Installation cables
a. Standards for bend radius fiber when pulling, and at rest
b. Pulling tension

9. Termination
a. Difference between ST, SC, and LC
b. Knowledge of terminations types
i. Fusion
ii. Mechanical
iii. Anaerobic
c. What is a fan-out kit /break-out kits when are they used, and why

10. Testing
i. How to set one up, and operate it
ii. Why would you use OTDR VS typical Light loss meter
b. Light Loss tester
i. Set one up
1. Reference cables and why would you do this
c. Trouble shooting
i. One main reason you get a fail tester result
ii. How to use VFL (Visual Fault locator) why would you use it
iii. Why would you use an OTDR

For more information please call 620-562-7816

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