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EBI provides asset life extension services for power plants - 24x7x365 Emergency Services available - Isophase Bus Duct experts - On-site Fab Shop - How can we help you?

Posted by: EBI - Electrical Builders, Inc. - Nations Premier Industrial Electrical & Welding Contractor on May 22, 2017 at 00:04:01.

Country: United States

Electrical Builders Inc. (EBI) is North America’s premier specialty electrical and welding contractor. EBI has successfully completed over 3300 power generation and substation projects throughout North America, including projects covering over 65% of the domestic nuclear fleet and numerous EPU projects. With over 43 years of experience, EBI is proudly veteran and women owned, and the first and only bus duct services contractor to be ISO 9001 certified. EBI’s expertise is in Turnkey Isolated Phase bus, Segregated Bus, Non-Segregated and Cable Bus solutions including full installations, retrofits / rebuilds, modifications, inspections, cleaning, fabrication, complete bus system refurbishments and repairs. Other specialized services include: mobile welding, onsite silver plating, project management, consulting, and 24/7 emergency fabrication, project management, testing and field services support for power generation facilities. Safety is EBI’s top priority at every jobsite and this is demonstrated by the fact that we are celebrating our 7th consecutive year with an impeccable safety record. Learn more about EBI’s at How can we help you? Transformer change-outs. Generator CT, Swithgear, GTE and GCB installations. Emergency Preparedness Contingency Plan Solutions and Services. ALL Isophase, Seg, Non-Seg and Cable Bus Duct product and service needs (any and all OEM designs, both current and obsolete).

Power Plant Electrical System Construction and Maintenance:
Power Plant Electrical System Construction and Maintenance
• Nuclear
• Industrial
• Fossil
• Petrochemical
• Renewables
• Combined Cycle
• Government
• Hydro

Isolated Phase Bus (IPB)
• Installation: New Install, Support Steel, Set, Align & Weld
• Repair, Rebuild, Refurbish/Troubleshooting
• Retrofit of Existing Systems
• Internal IPB Video Inspection (Robotic)
• Installation of Gen Breaker
• Installation and Retrofit of IPB
• Neutral & Line Side Gen CT Remove & Replace
• Dry Air Systems
• Cooling Unit Installations
• System Engineering and Analysis
• Internal IPB Cryogenic cleaning and inspection
• Onsite Fabrication/Modifications
• Replacement Bellow design, fabrication and installation

Non-Seg & Cable Bus
• ONSITE Installation, Repair, Rebuild, Refurbishment & Inspection
• High Current DC Isolators & Switches
• DC Bus Systems
• 600V to 15kV Non-Seg Systems
• 4160 to 15kV AC Cable Bus Systems

Specialty Welding
• Isolated Phase Bus Conductors & Enclosures
• Copper Bus Bar
• Aluminum Bus Bar
• Stainless Steel
• Carbon Steel Support Brackets

Lead abatement
• Lead Paint Abatement

Consulting & Design
• Reverse Engineering Capabilities
• Single Point of Contact
• Troubleshooting System
• Isophase, Segregated & Non-Seg Design for Obsolete OEM systems

Retrofits & Modifications
• GSU & AUX Transformer Change-Outs

Gas Insulated BUs (GIB)
• Installation
• Repair & Modifications

• Thermal Imaging (On-Line)
• AC/DC Hi-Pot Testing (Off-Line)
• On-Line, Non-Invasive EMI Diagnostics
• Gen CT Testing, Remove & Replace
• VLF Testing
• Tan Delta
• Megger Testing
• DLRO Testing

Bus Duct Systems Inspection & Maintenance Educational Seminars

Electrical General Contractor
• Armored & Lead Jacketed Cables
• High Voltage Stress Cone Termination
• Installation of Switch Gear & MCCs
• Exothermic Welding
• Motor Feeds
• Installation of Raceways
• Gutter Systems
• Conduits
• Cable Trays
• Trenway Systems
• Pulling of Cables MV/HV (remove LV)
• Shielded Wire
• Multi Conductor Cable
• Termination of Cables
• Control Wiring
• Instrumentation

Fiber Optics
• Splicing & Termination

24/7 Emergency Services
• All Types of Power Generation Facilities
• GSU, AUX, & MPT Transformer Change-Out
• Remanufacture Replacement Parts
• Bus Duct Replacement, Refurbishment, Inspection, Cleaning & Repair
• Internal IPB Video Inspection (Robotic)
• Emergency Design Flexibility
• Turnkey Emergency Repairs: IPB, Non-Seg & Cable Bus
• Generator Breaker/CT Replacement & Change-Out
• Total Non-Seg Refurbishment
• Complete Mobile Fabrication Shop (

Emergency Parts
• Miscellaneous IPB Enclosures & Conductor Parts
• Reverse-Engineered Fabrication of Emergency Parts
• Terminations: Flexible Braided Assembly & Laminated Flexes
• Wall Bushing Seal-Off Replacement
• Obsolete Parts: Bushings & Insulators
• Insulators & Support Assemblies
• Replacement Bellows (all types)
• Refurbishment of Existing Parts
• Isolated Phase Bus Enclosure Expansion Joints
• Welded Conductor Shunt Assemblies
• Gen & GSU LV Bushing/Neutral Boxes &Isolating Hardware (Including: GP03, GP10)
• Inspection Windows with or Without IR Glass
• Gasket Material
• Adapter Plates
• Shorting Plates
• Bonding Bars
• Replacement Flex Links/Laminates

Contact Info:
Electrical Builders Inc. (EBI)
Jessica D. Netter Ducharme
Tel: +1 320-257-9008
2720 1 ½ Street South
St. Cloud, MN 56301 United States

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