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Thursday, September 12, 2019

We're Implementing Google AdSense on the Site.

To help keep Roadtechs.com cost effective to our client shops, and free to job seekers, we are implementing Google's AdSense ads on Roadtechs.com. Hopefully, Google's AI will generate ads that are tuned to our users.

Be safe out there,

The Roadtechs.com Staff

Monday, September 9, 2019

Our Privacy Policy Has Been Revised and Is Available for Review.

You can review it here: Privacy Policy

Work safe,

The Roadtechs.com Staff

Friday, August 30, 2019

New reCAPTCHA Verification Rolling Out.

Over the years, we've seen a steady increase in other sites "scraping" or copying data from Roadtechs.com. We don't require a login to access the data so it becomes easy for these other sites to access the data. It's not fair to our users to have the job data diluted by other sites and it's not fair to our clients to have their contact data lifted.

We want to keep Roadtechs.com as user friendly as possible. With that in mind, and with the need to stop the data scraping, we are implementing Google's reCAPTCHA verification on the shops pages and on the job posts. It's just an extra mouse click that Google can use to verify that you are not a robot (or script) scraping data.

FYI, we've already turned off all RSS feeds.

Best regards,

The Roadtechs.com Staff

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The RSS Feeds Will Be Going Away Soon.

The RSS feeds are no longer as useful as they once were and we will be taking them down soon.

The functionality of the RSS feeds has been superseded by our Hotsheets and Black Book Job Notify. Both the Hotsheets and Job Notify are targeted to the user's needs and are a much better choice over the "broad strokes" of the RSS feeds.

If you are currently monitoring the RSS feeds, we recommend that you switch over to the Hotsheets and/or the Black Book Job Notify features.

Best regards,

The Roadtechs.com Staff

Monday, August 12, 2019

Some Spam Activity Has Come to Our Attention...

We received some emails from a (now former) client company promoting their new job board and titled "We Need You."

We apologize if any of our client shops received this unsolicited email and we want you to know that we did not authorize anyone to spam our client base. Per our user agreement, section 9.1 (in part) "Any type of unsolicited e-mails (spamming of the Roadtechs.com user group/clients) is specifically prohibited...".

Roadtechs.com has always tried to be honest and above board with both our clients and users and we would never allow anyone to use our site data to send unsolicited correspondence.

Best regards,

The Roadtechs.com Staff

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Job Notify - Find Out About New Jobs in Real Time

Most workers have a pretty full day and may not have the time to sit down and search through job postings for the next job. With Job Notify, we can free up some of that time.

With Job Notify, you can receive real time emails and/or text messages when a job is posted with one of the (up to three) job titles you have selected to monitor. For example, let's say you're a pipe welder and a pipe fitter. You've signed up to get notified when any "Welder" or "Pipefitter" jobs get posted on Roadtechs.com in any one or all of the 12 available posting areas (or boards). If any recruiter posts a Welder or Pipefitter job in one of the boards you're monitoring, you'll receive an email and/or a text message (depends on your selections) just as soon as that post goes live.

Here are the steps to start using Job Notify on Roadtechs.com:
  • If you don't already have one, you'll need to create a Black Book account.
  • Log into your Black Book account and select the Job Notify tab.
  • Using the Job Title drop-down list, you can select up to 3 job titles (hold the Ctrl key to make multiple selections) that you want to monitor.
  • Using the Roadtechs areas drop-down list, you must select at least one (hold the Ctrl key to select multiple) Roadtechs.com job boards to monitor.
  • Your selection(s) will be mirrored to the right of the drop-down list.
  • Click the Submit button to upload your choices.

Optional - To receive these notifications via cell phone SMS text (in addition to your profile email), follow these steps (note: this may incur charges on cell phone text usage plan. By adding a cell number below implies consent for Roadtechs.com to send job information via SMS):
  • Enter your 10 digit cell phone number and, using the Provider drop-down, select your service provider.
  • Click the Add SMS button to submit your SMS number.
  • You'll recieve a text message on your cell phone from donotreply@roadtechs.com with a web link to verify your SMS number.
  • Tap the link in the text message to verify your number. Your phone must be configured with a web browser for this verification to work. You must verify your cell number, or you will not receive notifications via SMS text.
  • Please let us know if your cell provider is not listed or if you cannot verify, we'll attempt to add the number for you.

That It! Best of luck with your search for the next one.

The Roadtechs.com staff

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Job Seekers - Are You Missing Opportunities?

Roadtechs tries to make it easy for job seekers to create Black Book profiles and to take advantage of our automation like Job Notify and Announce!

One of the problems with the ease of creating a Black Book profile is that once the initial page is created, many (most) job seekers don't go in and complete the profile. Recruiters can't determine if a job seeker is suitable for a position if there is no information in the profile to base the decision on.

You can improve your chances of receiving job offers if you include complete and accurate data in your Black Book profile:
  • Professional Summary - this is a way for your to catch a recruiter's attention by summarizing critical information at the beginning of your resume, in an easy to read format. This field shows up in the recruiter's search results and leaving this blank may cause them to ignore by your profile.
  • Licenses, Awards, Certifications - List ALL of your licenses, awards and certifications here. You never know when a recruiter will be looking for a particular requirement and if you leave something off, you're not going to be considered for the job.
  • Skill Set Synopsis - Use these fields to "roll up" your time spent in the different positions you've held and the industries you've worked in. These fields are recruiter searchable so accuracy helps.
  • Industry Synopsis - Use these fields to "roll up" your time spent in the different industries you've worked in. These fields are recruiter searchable so again, accuracy helps.
  • Detailed Industry Experience - These fields are where you're going to communicate to the recruiters where you worked, for how long and what you did there. These fields are searchable by the recruiters so detail, accuracy and key words are going to help you here.
  • Detailed Education - List ALL of your education here. You never know when a recruiter will be looking for a particular education requirement and if you leave something off, you're not going to be considered for the job.
  • Preferred Job Location - Tell the recruiters where you are and how far away you would prefer to work. This will help them choose job seekers that are interested in specific job locations or areas.

Please take a few minutes and provide as much detail in your profile as you can. It'll be much easier on you and the recruiters.

Good luck with your job search,

The Roadtechs.com Staff

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Hey Recruiters, Are You Missing the Boat?

These days, it's not enough to just post a job and wait for the resumes to slide in to your inbox. You have to be proactive, using multiple channels of communication to get the word out to the job seekers. Additionally, since everyone has a mobile phone now, job seekers expect data to be pushed to them in real time. The days of going home at the end of the day, kicking back and looking for work in the contractor weekly are long past.

The problem: Many recruiters aren't using the "Job Title" field (drop-down) when posting their jobs. If you're not using it, then you are missing job seeker contacts. Steve has been back-fitting Job Titles for a lot of posts, but we can only do so much and you shouldn't rely on us to pick the correct Job Title for your position posting.

Here's what happens when you use the "Job Title" field:
  • Your job will be immediately broadcast (via email and/or text message) to all job seekers looking for this position, who have signed up for Job Notify.
  • Our resume database will be searched based on the position you posted and you will receive an email from us with skill related Black Book job seeker profiles (assuming resumes exist for the position you're posting).
  • You will receive future emails (in real time) when skill related job seekers announce their availability for the Job Title you posted.
So, take that one extra step when you post and select the Job Title from the drop down that most closely matches the position you're posting. Some jobs are pretty obscure and you won't find a match, but that's pretty rare. It's a good bet that if you're not using the Job Title feature, your competition is.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Why Isn't Roadtechs.Com On Social Media?

We dabbled in social media (Facebook, Twitter...) a while back as a way to get more exposure to job posts and to provide another way for our uses to connect to the site. What we found was that the job posts really didn't get much more exposure, we opened ourselves to a lot of spam (and the constant clean-up required), and the only users we got any feedback from were the ones that use all caps and seem to have anger issues (typical social media trolls).

Long story short, for Roadtechs.com social media was a bust - too much pain for no gain. We prefer to concentrate our efforts on connecting job seekers with the jobs.

If you do need to connect with us, there is a mail link in the menu. We appreciate feedback from our users and clients, just keep it civil. When warranted, we'll reply as soon as we have the time.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Hotsheets... What Are They?

Hotsheets contain all jobs of a particular type (Electrician, Welder, etc.) that were posted in the past 24 hours, condensed into an easy to read list and emailed to you at the end of the day (around 4PM-ish Pacific). They are only sent to subscribers who have opted in using the Hotsheet signup process. Roadtechs.com does not send unsolicited email. This is a good option for those that are short of time and can't be spending a lot of time searching the site for jobs.

Remember, Hotsheets are only sent to subscribers who verify their email address via a validation email. You may also want to have your email provider add us to the email white-list.

If no jobs were posted for the selected discipline in the previous 24 hours, then no HotSheet will be published for that day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Yahoo Mail users and missing Hotsheets...

Hotsheets are only sent to subscribers who have opted in using the signup process (see this page for subscription instructions). Roadtechs.com does not send unsolicited email.

We're seeing a lot of disabled Hotsheet subscriptions for our subscribers using Yahoo email addresses. This is probably caused by a few Hotsheet subscribers reporting the Hotsheets to Yahoo Mail as spam instead of properly unsubscribing using the link right there in the Hotsheet. There isn't anything we can do about those folks who have already reported their Hotsheets as spam (or will in the future for that matter) or the overly agressive Yahoo Mail spam filtering. However, there are a few things you can do if you use Yahoo Mail and aren't receiving your Hotsheets:
  • Subscribe using an email address from your internet provider's domain (don't use Yahoo Mail to subscribe).
  • You can try to get Yahoo Mail to white-list emails from Roadtechs.com.
  • Always unsubscribe using the link in the Hotsheet or via your Black Book (if you have a Black Book account).
  • If your subscription is currently disabled, you can see the current Hotsheets here until your subscription is reestablished.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

More detail on Black Book and "Unavailable"...

If you are working and want to stop all communications from Roadtechs (Hotsheets, Job Notify, expire reminders, etc.), you can log into your profile and then:
  1. Go to the hotsheets tab and unsubscribe from any hotsheets
  2. Go to the Job Notify tab and cancel job notify
  3. Finially, go to the profile edit tab and set your profile availability to "unavailable"
That will stop all emails and prevent recruiters from accessing your profile.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

If you are currently working and do not want Black Book expiration reminder emails or recruiters calling with offers, then please make sure to set your Black Book profile availability setting to "Unavailable".

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

We have changed the page format a little to make them display better on mobile devices. The main menu is now located in the icon at the upper left corner of the page. Look for this icon:

The content of the menu hasn't really changed much, just how it displays initially.

You can also use this Menu page: https://www.roadtechs.com/menu.html

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