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Construction Management Representative - Inspector

Posted by: Von Mizener Consulting <> on February 25, 2018 at 00:04:01. Click here to reply to this post via Email.Click here for help with email link

Contract / Temp to Direct / Direct Hire: Contract
City: Crystal Mountain
State: Washington
Country: United States

Construction management representative
Mount Rainier National Park

All work performed on the facilities shall be undertaken with the utmost care to ensure the respect and preservation of natural and cultural resources. All work shall proceed in a manner that will minimize disruption of on-going NPS operations and facility maintenance activities within the park. The Construction Management Representative (CMR) is responsible for coordinating the contractor’s construction efforts with the park staff's daily operations.

A. On-Site Construction Inspection

General: The CM firm shall provide a CMR approximately; full-time for 18 months and half-time for 6 months, to perform the duties described below assuming:

The CMR shall be computer literate, knowledgeable in construction practices including applicable building codes, applicable safety regulations (must have a minimum of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30-hour construction safety training), cost breakdown estimating and negotiating, and technical writing. The CMR shall have the ability to obtain a current Asbestos Abatement Supervisor Training certificate and the ability to be enrolled in a medical surveillance program in order to wear a respirator. CMR shall have a current state license (per State of Washington regulations) and have a current fit test for the respirator used. The CMR will be required to have their own PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Individual shall have sufficient computer operating skills to be able to open and manipulate Primavera Project and Microsoft Project schedules and be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel. The CMR must also have experience using SharePoint websites for document sharing and control. The duties shall be as requested and as outlined below.
The CMR shall be approved and appointed by the CO before being assigned to this project based on information provided on the CMR Selection Criteria form (see attachment) and an interview. Key personnel shall not change during the performance of this Call Order unless written approval is obtained from the CO. The NPS will monitor job performance. If at any time the CO determines the CMR is not performing to the standards stated in this Call Order, the CM Program Manager will be given a maximum of 14 calendar days to remedy the situation and/or remove and replace the CMR.

1. CMR Role: The primary role of the CMR is to inspect the work of the construction contractor for progress, workmanship and conformance with the contract documents and existing codes.

a) The CMR shall promptly notify the COR of any problems or issues observed.
b) The COR or CO will provide all necessary written notification and/or direction to the contractor. The CMR will be expected to draft all contract related correspondence for the CO or COR’s signature. However, the CMR will have no authority to accept or reject work, or to authorize changes to the terms and conditions of the contracts, or obligate the NPS to time or money.
c) The CMR shall make recommendations to the COR only, and shall under no circumstances instruct or make recommendations to the construction contractor. The limits of contractual authority of the CMR shall be designated in writing by the CO only.
d) Critical Inspections: The project includes structural work activities that require vigilant inspection and documentation. The following work elements shall be verified for conformance with the contract documents, recorded via written and photo documentation and submitted timely to the COR and AE for a coordinated review by the Engineer of Record. Upon completion of the review, if necessary, any corrective measures required to comply with the contract requirements shall be followed-up with re-inspection, documentation and resubmitted for review, until conformance with the contract documents are achieved.
i) Structural hold-downs to foundations
ii) Nailing patterns at shear walls
iii) Ties between floors
iv) Roof diaphragm nailing patterns

2. Duties: The CMR shall arrange and conduct a variety of meetings, including weekly progress meetings, as requested by the CO, at the park and project site. The CMR shall chair all meetings between the NPS and the construction contractor except for the Pre-construction conference, which will be chaired by the CO or COR. The CMR shall prepare written meeting minutes for all such meetings.

a) Upload inspection reports to the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website by the end of each week. Include the following in the Weekly field report:
i) the amounts and types of work completed through the end of the report week
ii) the number of modifications and cost of each
iii) the number of modifications pending with an estimate of cost for each
iv) the percentage of the contract work completed
v) the percentage of contract time used; the percentage of money spent
vi) documentation of controversial issues encountered/problem experienced by or with the construction contractor
The report may be in general and abbreviated terms.
b) The CMR shall participate in regularly scheduled telephone conference calls with the COR and other parties as necessary. Weekly calls will occur throughout the duration of the performance period. The purpose of these calls is to update the COR and other project team members on the work progress, address outstanding project issues and coordinate upcoming work activities.
c) The CMR will be asked to provide technical assistance and support to the COR during construction, including but not limited to:
• Review, comment, and process Division 01 submittals. Monitor compliance with all Division 01 Management Plans.
• Monitor compliance with Accident Prevention Plan and all applicable safety requirements. Attend contractor led weekly and monthly safety meetings. Document any safety issues on the CMR Daily Log.
• Draft Request for Proposals (RFPs) that define work to be performed and cite relevant specification sections including appropriate sketches illustrating work to be performed.
• Prepare Government Cost Estimates with breakdown of labor, materials and equipment costs (to be submitted to COR within one week after RFP is issued).
• Perform Baseline Schedule Review; prepare and submit Baseline Schedule Review Checklist.
• Review, prepare pre-negotiation objective, conduct fact finding and clarifications with the contractor, and draft Record of Negotiation explaining the cost difference between the Government estimate and the contractor’s proposed cost. Upload to the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website one week after the discussions. Some documents however are not suitable to be shared using the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website. Documents containing Personal Identifying Information (PII) (e.g. certified payrolls) shall not be shared using the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website, and shall be coordinated with the project team as appropriate.
• Confirm certified payrolls have been submitted for all workers, review for accuracy, and perform labor interviews periodically.
• Perform regular schedule reviews; prepare and submit Schedule Update Worksheet.
• Perform quantity surveys, review and verify the contractor’s monthly progress payments. Upload draft pay estimate and completed Construction Payment Request Approval form to the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website.
• Receive, log, and review submittals for completeness and accuracy. Track submittals as required through completion of the process and update the Submittal Tracking log on the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website.
• Accept or reject Informational Submittals.
• Assist in resolution, draft response, track, and follow up on requests for information (RFIs).
• Review Contractor Quality Control (QC) daily reports for accuracy and completeness.
• Complete a CMR Daily Diary for each day you are on site. At the end of each week upload all CMR Daily Diaries to the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website.
• Take appropriate photographs (sRGB color images in JPEG format at a pixel resolution of not less than 1600 x1200) that document construction progress and problems, such as capturing items that will not be seen later, etc. Upload a minimum of 15 digital photographs on a weekly basis of each work activity to the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website.
• Review and verify contractor’s project record drawings are updated to reflect all changes and work completed before each monthly progress payment.
• Assist in resolving disputes that may arise due to the interaction between the construction Contractor and the Park staff.
• Review and document the contractor(s) claims for additional cost and/or time.
• Prepare draft completion report within one week after final payment and upload to the NPS/DSC SharePoint Project website.
• Coordinate critical point, special, beneficial, and final inspections by design staff or other inspectors so work can be approved in a timely and efficient manner.
• Issue inspection deficiency list to the contractor. Conduct inspections and draft related deficiency letters for the COR’s review and subsequent concurrence and signature by the CO. Prepare price for each punch item on the deficiency list.
• Verify that all required Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals, warranties, guarantees, and close out requirements are complete and in compliance with the contract documents.
• Coordinate Structural Tests and Special Inspections (STSI) with the Contractor and Special Inspector. Ensure inspections are completed in a timely manner.


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