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[Electrical Engineer] Mechanical Engineer -EU MDMS

Posted by: ATOMS Services LLC <> on June 03, 2018 at 00:04:01. Click here to reply to this post via Email.Click here for help with email link

Contract / Temp to Direct / Direct Hire: Contract
City: Richland
State: Washington
Country: United States
Zip or Postal Code: 99352


Tasks--based on MSC deliverables including technology advancements, governmental compliance, and support for MSA EU and other functional service areas:

1. Qualify and perform the functions as the Design Authority (DA) Engineer for the MDMS: h Manage the Configuration Baseline, Chart with EU program h Ensure operability of the system h Evaluate system status and performance h Provide technical support to Operations and Maintenance for MDMS h Report on system health and status quarterly

2. Support the Reliability Engineer (RE) program with any MSA engineering system: h Attend programmatic meetings h Document equipment uptime/downtime as needed h Trend equipment performance h Assist REs in resolving maintenance

3. Validate Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) power and transmission bills: h Download BPA data from website. h Chart with EU program. h Identify anomalies to BPA for correction. h Provide megawatt hours (Mwh) to RL to report to DOE HQ. h Incorporate new BPA rate structure to validate costs. h Test Meter Reader Billing System (MRBS)Xin the generation of this report.

4. Operate data collection systems, including Field Data Acquisition System (FDAS), Manual Meter Collection System (MMCS), Meter Data Acquisition System (MDAS), and the XL Energy Monitoring System (XLeMS): h Review error messages daily from automatic data collection. h Direct/support the meter relay technicians field work activities including identifying problems with data loggers and submit to EU Work Management (EU WM) for craft to repair. Resolve data logger communications issues with telephone service providers. Compare meter data to determine inaccuracies and submit to EU WM for craft for repair. h Update handheld reading device and FDAS system with service additions and removals. h Bring new hardware and software on line. h Upload meter readings from handheld device daily while taking manual readings. h Prepare 400 Area meter readings sheet monthly. h Including all software, hardware, and documentation.

5. Determine BPA cost allocations: h Download monthly meter readings and automatic data for records. h Transport meter data and files to subcontractor (EMP2) for input and verification. h Rectify discrepancies identified during data entry or by operators while taking readings. h Create meter records for new services in general user access program (WHM Data). h Update billing spreadsheet with service additions and removals and review for errors. h Reprogram billing spreadsheet to free memory for more services. h Calculate 400 Area distribution. h Summarize and send to RL Finance.

6. Determine rate, historical use, and EU service assessment annually: h Obtain EU costs for fiscal year from CACN reports to express as rate. h Update annual charts. h Provide BPA cost breakdown by contractor to distribute EU costs. h Use rates for estimating energy costs and savings payback.

7. Keep current with BPA power and transmission contracts: h Understand regional dialogue, tiered rates methodology, rate schedules, and general provisions. h Review meter points in appendices. h Participate in revisions to modifications.

8. Respond to customer requests for data: h Convert Lotus meter records to Excel for load history data inquiries. h Add or subtract meter records for correct result. h Compare manual readings with automatic data. h Provide hourly data to determine load shifting from outages or for coincident peak demands. h Evaluate night setback impact on demand to determine if cost effective (on EU system deficiencies list).

9. Support the Environmental Integration Services (EIS) organization by assisting with h Energy audits, including: - Identify top users to audit that represent 75 percent of the load. - Convert Lotus meter records to Excel - Add or subtract meter records for correct result - Compare manual readings with automatic data. - Provide hourly data to correlate with other record devices. - Validate energy savings from retrofits or operating changes. h Reporting functions, including: - Input to Site Sustainability Plan (SSP).

10. Maintain Hanford Site Electrical Metering Implementation Plan: h Author annual updates. h Re-evaluate qualifying facilities (also used for Metering Pilot Project)

11. Validate electric bills from the City of Richland, Benton County PUD, and Benton REA.

12. Assist EU Program Management and other organizations as requested to: h Integrate with these and other energy management and utility systems according to MSC. h Integrate with department and company specific systems such as the Phoenix Asset Management System, EU Facility & Equipment Data Management System (EUFEDMS), energy management databases, etc. h Assist management in providing industry recommendations in planning and upgrading all systems including control systems, databases, procedures, work processes, and desktop instructions, etc. Work with departments and SMEs to produce adhoc reports for customers as requested. Provide customized reports for EU Engineering as requested to assist in the selection of right-sized transmission and distribution equipment.

13. Follow and consult management on all governmental acts, laws, regulations, or processes pertaining to this scope including: h EPAct 2005 and addendums. h Applicable environmental, energy and compliance requirements.

14. Support the installation of new electrical services and the removal of existing electrical services as cleanup activities evolve on the Hanford Site.

15. Coordinate with EU management to update the metering system and help troubleshoot problems which arise.

16. Create and implement a long-term metering system plan that aligns with the Hanford Ten Year Site Plan, the Hanford Lifecycle Scope, Schedule and Cost Report, and EUs Master Plan.

17. Develop a system to provide EU Dispatchers with near real-time meter data at the facility transformer level.

18. Implement the Green Button requirement that allows customers to access their electricity use and cost information.

19. Network with other utility and industry individuals, companies, and associations to learn trends and best available technologies.

This position is critical for the timely completion of several activities including: h Ensure timely completion of three contract deliverables; - CD0084 BPA Power and Transmission Service Invoice Verification and Breakdown of Site Contractor Costs (monthly); - CD0088 Annual Update of Hanford Site Metering Plan Progress Report; - CD0083 Annual Electrical Load Forecasts; h Assist with project metering design reviews; h Support the increasing backlog of customer requests for load consumption data and cost history.

The MSA contract requires MSA to operate the Hanford electrical transmission and distribution system in a safe and reliable manner, consistent with Electric Reliability Standards. Compliance with the electrical reliability standards must be achieved and maintained in order to ensure the integrity of the bulk electric systems.


Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited University. A current Professional Engineering license in the State of Washington. h Capability to qualify for MDMS Design Authority Engineering position in MSA. Minimum of ten years combined experience in engineering, energy management, and system integration/network administration. A history of communication and persuasion skills, including the ability to dialogue and interface with customers, contractors, subcontractors, MSA, and other Hanford contractor personnel to implement an integrated team. Persuasive communication is also required with respect to motivate team members and customers to advance processes and systems. h Strong technology capabilities: including proficiency in software, hardware, networks, and industrial utility systems. Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

Desired Qualifications:

h Capabilities of acquiring data and running reports in the systems listed in section 3.0 (DESCRIPTION OF WORK V SPECIFIC) Subpart 2. h Experience with directing and prioritizing workers activities (including craft) to complete projects, and meet deliverables. h Previous experience in projects and/or systems within an electrical utility (transmission and distribution system). h Experience with reporting for EPAct 2005 compliance and DOE energy conservation directives. h Know-How: a. Depth and breadth of knowledge required to perform the job: This position requires the ability to analyze and interpret complex mathematical problems/situations and knowledge of basic electrical metering and power system concepts, including directional power flow, as they relate to generated data. Strong emphasis on quality control as it relates to delivered load data.

b. Specialized education and experience requirements: Must be able to research, compile, coordinate, schedule, review, document, organize, verify data, conduct independent analysis and identify inconsistencies. Must be able to analyze data and grasp data trends, data relationships and utilize best sources of interval data in problem identification and resolve. Strong report writing skills which provide a good understanding of how to manipulate data that has been produced and collected from multiple processes and systems is essential.

h Problem Solving: Works under general supervision of the EU program manager. The position requires innovative reasoning to deal with a complex and at times changing mix of regulatory, programmatic, technical, business, personnel, funding, and schedule factors and constraints requiring initiative and creativity. In general, minimal supervision is required for actions within defined guidelines. Sound technical judgment and knowledge of customer programmatic priorities and expectations is required. Makes routine decisions within established procedures and well-defined standard practices. The position is visible with the RL customer and directly contributes to the MSA performance appraisal and award fee rating.

Subcontractor shall ensure that its personnel meet and maintain the appropriate training, qualifications, and certification requirements as applicable.


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