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[Project Manager] Area Project Manager/PMCS - SRS in Aiken, SC - RFQ 621439 - closes 06/17/22

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RFQ# 621439 / contract: 1-year with options / Deadline 06/17/2022

Safety is a primary responsibility in each job performed. Obtain safety training, obey safety rules. and make safety an integral part of each task. Take the necessary steps to stop work if continuing the job is unsafe or will create an unsafe condition.

Establish and manage numerous diverse project management teams, providing project direction, broad program direction, and establishing priorities needed to integrate numerous ongoing area projects. Manage project cost, schedule, scope, and subcontract matrices, while adhering to SRS quality, environmental, and safety objectives. Establish and control project costs, schedule, and technical baselines and provide effective management of project staff and matrix personnel to control baselines. Initiate and frequently deliver concise and accurate oral and written presentations to internal and external customers regarding project implementation plans, status, changes, and new approaches, including complex technical, organizational, and financial issues. Conduct significantly complex analysis of problems involving numerous engineering disciplines. Develop new and innovative alternative action strategies enabling the early achievement of milestones. Perform risk analyses and provide decision authority for defining and approving corrective actions and establishing priorities. Manage project efforts to ensure project progress is within schedule, cost, technical, environmental, and legal baselines. Act as a technical project management advisor to project management teams, piers, less experienced project managers, and SRS senior management, and external customers.

Problem Solving
This position is the focal point for project problem solving. Issues to be dealt with have a high degree of complexity characteristic to matrix organizational structures, further affected by multiple customers and stakeholders who have numerous, differing goals and requirements to be met. Particular to the execution of PMCS scope, this position must solve problems which impact both the Operating Divisions and PMCS that derive from conflicts which arise between contractors and DOE. The resolution of these problems is critical to assure project and program success, where even success can be defined by varying criteria held by differing stakeholders. To solve these problems requires knowledge and understanding of all technical disciplines as well as operations, project implementation, and business management principles and skills. Since the Divisions are guided by the results of the solutions to these problems, it is essential that exceptional creativity, innovation, persuasion, and communication skill be is used solving these complex problems, which are often new and unique to the SRS. The preeminent challenge to this manager is balancing PMCS focus and resources for a portfolio of projects while continuously working to improve overall performance. This effort must be immediately responsive to dynamic mission changes in National Defense, Waste Management, and Describe the most difficult problem(s) that must be solved. Indicate the amount of research and creativity required to determine solutions. The challenge of managing focus and resources requires daily decisions which significantly affect a multitude of customers' perceptions of PMCS performance. Customers are both internal and external (DOE, regulatory agencies, and the public) and hold performance demands that can conflict with the established legal, regulatory, cost, schedule, and technical baselines. All these factors challenge this manager to affect decisions which balance this complexity and promote win/win outcomes. This manager must assess and resolve formidable technical and business differences between the Operating Division and PMCS functional departments which are highly complex and all of which are valid when viewed from a single discipline's point of view. To obtain an acceptable resolution, the impacts on all disciplines including quality and safety must be understood and evaluated. Often innovative approaches, not normally identified by the individual disciplines, are required from this position. This requires a full understanding of both business and technical requirements in addition to the applicable requirements of DOE Orders, NEPA, Congressional Schedules, permits and public perceptions. These resolutions must result in high group confidences and project integrity. The solutions to these problems directly impact Award Fee evaluations, Performance Based Incentives, and the viability of the SRS. This manager must resolve the most difficult problem of how to allocate limited resources between the current need for safe, productive operations and the future need for new development and construction such that long-term viability of the Division and the Site is achieved. This requires a detailed knowledge of program operations and maintenance as well as the contributions of the disciplines supporting project implementation including finance, project controls, engineering, construction, QA, and startup. To develop optimum solutions, plans must be developed for existing missions as well as looking ahead to projected mission changes. An understanding of the "state-of-the-art" industry developments and a determination of how to best apply the new technologies to benefit the SRS is also required. These plans must be updated annually to provide a basis for the demonstrated experience, mastery level expertise and performance Congressional Budget Cycle, must include a five year look ahead, and must be maintained throughout the year.

Skills of Persuasion
This manager must be able to develop, document and clearly present project concepts and detailed plans in a manner which gains acceptance and enthusiastic support from all project participants and other stakeholders. This manager must establish a teaming approach with the PMCS department to employ the necessary resources to plan, validate, receive authorization, and execute all assigned projects. In all of these interactions, both within PMCS and within the Operating Division, this manager must skillfully persuade all participants to support the matrix arrangement of the Division and the Project Teams to assure success. This manager is the principal site advocate for all assigned projects and must achieve DOE-SR's and DOE-HQ's confidences that the project scope can effectively be executed. To ensure this multi-matrixed organization succeeds, this manager must be skilled in applying team building and partnering techniques to all assigned activities to ensure proper matrix team support of project activities. This manager must have the confidence, patience, and tact to communicate sensitive issues effectively, succinctly, and diplomatically to Site Management, interfacing operating and support divisions, DOE-SR, and the public. Of particular importance is the need to convince or persuade both the supported operating division and DOE of cost, schedule and technical baseline changes required to ensure project technical and financial success. This manager must ensure that for all assigned projects, information that adequately defines the project and those aspects of the project that are crucial to success is appropriately communicated to appropriate regulatory agencies and to the public. This manager must ensure that the project teams put in place the necessary environmental plans to present the project in a manner that ensures regulatory agency support and issuance of appropriate permits. In that regard, he/she may appear in public to provide site arguments and justification to gain support external to the Site and DOE for the assigned project. This manager must ensure that plans and strategies are in place to inform all operating and support division customers of the resources available through Project Management and Construction Services and that such plans and strategies are executed in a manner that wins customer approval and acceptance. As the leader of the Project Team at the Operating Division and PMCS Division level, this manager, with the divisional matrixed organization, is responsible to ensure support divisions provide resources needed to adequately complete assigned projects. Through assignment to the Division General Manager's Staff, this manager is responsible for obtaining the necessary operating division resources (i.e., funding and manpower) are made available to ensure assigned projects are properly managed from initiation to completion. In summary, this manager is the Site Manager assigned to marshal all necessary company resources, to persuade DOE-SR and HQ to support the assigned projects, and to convince the regulatory agencies and general public to support SRS in moving forward with site improvements. All of these tasks require skills and persuasion at the highest level to ensure company success.

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