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  • The Lodging area is provided free of charge, no support from the Roadtechs.com staff is provided.
  • These listings are made available to connect workers with local lodging near the facilities where they work. If you are a corporate lodging provider, you may be asked to pay a fee to advertise in the Roadtechs.com lodging area.
  • Lodging rentals only, no other ads are allowed.
  • You have to register to post.
  • Ads expire in 60 days, no exceptions. If you need the ad to run longer, you'll have to resubmit. We recommend that you keep the information on your computer to ease re-posting.
  • Real Estate for sale ads are not allowed in the classifieds area, only rentals.
  • Business or commercial¬†ads are not allowed in the Lodging area.
  • Lodging must be open to anyone, no bias or prejudice allowed. We will remove any biased or prejudiced ads and the poster runs the risk of being blocked from the Roadtechs.com website.
  • If you have a problem with any of the lodging facilities listed on our site, please drop us a quick email using the link in our main menu. If we see sufficient negative feedback for a facility, we'll pull their ad(s).
  • Please make sure that roadtechs.com is on your list of mail server approved domains. If your server bounces our emails, you will not be informed when your ad is going to expire. If you don't know how to check for approved domains, you can contact your ISP or IT system administrator.
  • Please don't put up multiple ads for the same lodging or those ads will be deleted. If you've submitted an ad, or changes to an ad, then it's being held for moderation and you cannot access it until it's approved. Do not use your browser's "Back" button to return to the form and make changes, as this will create multiple ads. We will delete all copies of multiple ads.
  • All posts (adds or changes) have to be moderated and they will not go on the board until we approve them (we have to delete spam, offensive posts, etc.).
  • List the rent you are asking for the whole facility. Do not list the rent, and then explain in the body that it's based on x number of renters. That is misleading and your ad will be removed. You can say in the body if the rent can be split between multiple roommates.
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