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Tips for posting jobs on Roadtechs.com

Here are a few tips you should use when posting on Roadtechs.com:
Put the job title in the subject field
If you want your job post to end up in searches, then you have to put the actual job title in the subject field. You may want to add fun facts about where the job is located, but that should go in the body of the post. More often than not, people are using the search tools and job emails to get their job opportunities. If the actual job title (i.e. "millwright" or "design engineer") isn't in the subject (title) of the job post, then the post probably isn't going to be seen.

The Job Title drop-down field
The Job Title drop-down field when used with a valid email address for replies, will automatically search the Black Book resume database for possible candidates for your job posting and email them to you. It will also append a generic job title to the subject line of the post, allowing more consistent job searching. You must have a current Quarterly or Annual job posting subscription to have access to the Black Book resume database. New Black Book client users will be directed to a sign-up page to create an account.
Note: If you don't wish to receive these resume emails, just don't use the Job Title drop-down. Please note that this feature will not work when using a reply URL link and the DoNotReply@roadtechs.com email address.

Be concise
Your posts will be indexed by search engines (www.google.com, www.yahoo.com, etc.), other job related web sites (www.indeed.com, www.simplyhired.com, etc.), even some social networking sites like www.myspace.com (via www.simplyhired.com) and Twitter.com. Some of these sites only capture a few characters of your job posts for their description (Twitter only allows 160 characters for the entire entry). If you use extra characters in your posts (ex. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ or ************) to try and catch the user's eye, you'll end up wasting characters that could be used to describe the job you're trying to fill.

Use a password when you post
If you include a password when you post, you can correct errors right away. If you do not include a password, Roadtechs.com can help you fix the post, but it may take some time possibly causing you to lose quality applicants.

Be accurate
Try to compose the body of your posts using your favorite word processor program (see note 1). Once you have the information entered, you can use the spelling checker to make sure you haven't made any spelling errors. When you're satisfied with your content and spelling, just cut and paste the information into the Roadtechs.com posting form.

Double-check your email address. If you don't receive responses soon after you post, check the email address in your post. If your email address is incorrect, then Roadtechs.com users cannot contact you.

Use the job type and locations fields
Prospective applicants want to know if that job you're posting is contract or permanent and where the job is at. Many qualified applicants will pass up a job posting that doesn't include enough information for them to make a decision. If a prospective applicant is already working, you may be able to entice them away from their current job by proving that extra bit of information. Some job seekers are using job type and/or location filters in their job searches. If your post doesn't include these items, the user will not see your post. Another good reason to include these fields is that you can target your job to the user by location or job type.

Only jobs get coded as jobs
If you're looking for someone, or need information, then check no on the posting form where it asks if you are posting a job. Users tend get upset when non-jobs show up in their job searches.

No job more than once per week pleas"/fmail/mail_formx.htm"
Posting the same job on a job board should be limited to no sooner than once a week. The practice of over-posting a job will not help you in the search results and tends to annoy the users.

If you're not receiving resumes from your job post(s)
There are a few web hosts out there that have overly restrictive email spam filters that may bounce emails from users trying to send you a resume. If your email server is hosted by one of these restrictive hosts (like 1and1.com for example), then you may need to contact roadtechs.com to discuss alternatives. You can use our mail form here.

Your web applicant tracking system may be overly difficult or time consuming. If you decide to use a web page for applicants, or an applicant tracking system, you need to make sure that the forms are not overly cumbersome. Some job application processes are so baffling that applicants will just give up and move on to the next job posting. One of the features that job seekers appreciate on Roadtechs.com is the ability to write a quick email to apply, attach a resume file and they're done. Many prospective applicants will simply not apply if they have to use a web form. You may be thinking that if they won't fill out your form, then you don't want that person working for you and in many cases, you would be wrong. There are a lot of good, hard working applicants out there that just don't have the patience to fill out a time consuming web form. People get bothered after spending a good deal of time filling out a web application and then get told that they're not being hired.

Generic posts don't get much attention. Make sure you include enough information about the job for the applicant to make the decision to contact you. Including the pay rate, per diem, job location, hours, overtime rates, etc. will help the job seeker make an informed decision.

If you want users to apply via your website
If you want applicants to apply using a form on your website, then be sure to add your website URL in the link url field in the posting form. You will also have to supply a title for this URL in the link title field. Use a descriptive title like Click here to apply online. If you're providing a link for applicants to use, and you would rather not receive emails from your post, then use the email address DoNotReply@roadtechs.com. This address is ignored when a post is displayed and applicants must use the website URL to apply. Please do not use the DoNotReply@roadtechs.com unless you are also using a website URL for applications or no one will be able to respond to your job post.

Note 1: If you don't currently have a commercial word processing program, you can download one from http://www.openoffice.org/. This is a full office suite and it stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.


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