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1) First, you'll need to sign up for a newsreader. There are many such readers available on the internet. Freerangeinc.com has a newsreader that offers a web interface for the cooresponding reader that you can install on your cell phone:

  • The Freerange Newsreader is compliant on most cells phones.
  • If you don't have an internet enabled phone (phone with email & web browser), you owe it to yourself and career to upgrade!
You can register for the free version of the Freerange Newsreader by clicking on the below Freerange logo:

Use of the Freerange Software is governed by their Terms of Use policy.

2) Once you've completed the Freerange Newsreader registration form, an e-mail message will be sent to the address you specified on the registration form with instructions for completing the sign-up process.

3) Go to the email message that Freerange sent you: Follow the instructions in the email to: Activate your account, and then follow the email instructions on how to download the newsreader onto your cell phone via your phones web browser.

4) Once the newsreader is downloaded onto your phone, launch your cell phones FreeRange Newsreader, and enter your username and password and then select "Done":

  • You can add new feeds within your phones Freerange Newsreader via the "Add Feeds" menu

5) We've provided the Roadtechs.com Newsfeeds (Jobfeeds) for you below to either cut and paste into yor newsreader, or jott down the jobfeed address of your desired feed and enter the feed address into your cell phones newsreader.

6) Once you have your Roadtechs.com Newsfeeds (Jobfeeds) entered into your cell phone, you can now review jobs anywhere you take your phone!

Please note that by accessing the Roadtechs.com RSS feeds, you agree to the Terms of Use, which govern your use of the Roadtechs.com RSS Newsfeed Service.

Area or DisciplineJobfeed addressrss graphic
Recent Postshttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/allfeed.rss RSS Feed
Nuclearhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/nukefeed.rss RSS Feed
Petro-Chem / Fossil / OffShorehttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/petrofeed.rss RSS Feed
Electric Transmission and Distributionhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/transfeed.rss RSS Feed
General Constructionhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/constfeed.rss RSS Feed
Homeland Security / Department of Defense / Federal Governmenthttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/hsdodfeed.rss RSS Feed
Shipyard / Marinehttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/syardfeed.rss RSS Feed
Computers / Software / Networks / Telephonyhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/compfeed.rss RSS Feed
Aerospace / Aircrafthttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/aerofeed.rss RSS Feed
Overseashttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/overfeed.rss RSS Feed
Medical / Pharmaceuticalhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/medifeed.rss RSS Feed
Boilermakershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1190feed.rss RSS Feed
CAD/CAMhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/e1060feed.rss RSS Feed
Carpentershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1010feed.rss RSS Feed
Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI)http://www.roadtechs.com/rss/x1040feed.rss RSS Feed
Construction Managershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/m1060feed.rss RSS Feed
Crane Operatorshttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1200feed.rss RSS Feed
Electrical Engineershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/e1010feed.rss RSS Feed
Electricianshttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1020feed.rss RSS Feed
Fittershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1140feed.rss RSS Feed
Helpershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1130feed.rss RSS Feed
I&C Techshttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/x1110feed.rss RSS Feed
Inspectionhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/x1100feed.rss RSS Feed
Ironworkershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1210feed.rss RSS Feed
Laborershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1120feed.rss RSS Feed
Machinistshttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1040feed.rss RSS Feed
Mechanical Engineershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/e1020feed.rss RSS Feed
Mechanicshttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1060feed.rss RSS Feed
Millwrightshttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1150feed.rss RSS Feed
Pipefittershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1080feed.rss RSS Feed
Plannershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/m1240feed.rss RSS Feed
Procedure Writershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/m1370feed.rss RSS Feed
Project Managementhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/m1270feed.rss RSS Feed
Quality Controlhttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/x1180feed.rss RSS Feed
Safety Managershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/m1300feed.rss RSS Feed
Schedulershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/m1320feed.rss RSS Feed
Weldershttp://www.roadtechs.com/rss/t1110feed.rss RSS Feed

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