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Finding a Job On Roadtechs.com


Welcome to this video about finding jobs on Roadtechs.com.

If you'd like to play along you can call up your browser and point it to www.roadtechs.com, that's r-o-a-d-t-e-c-h-s dot com.

Where you see the main page of Roadtechs.com, a couple of items that are going to be important to job seekers are the job seeker panel up near the top, the popular searches panel, and there are also hard to fill positions listed here for those jobs that maybe take a particular skill set that's not as easy to find, you may be interested in looking in there.

Going back up towards the top and the job seekers panel we're gonna click on the products for job seekers link and we can take a look at some of the services and products that are available to job seekers on Roadtechs.com.

We've got a couple of items that are coming soon that you can see here you can read about those.

We have a service called Black Book which is our resume database it also incorporates a few other features that you may be interested in; like saving your job searches things of that nature. We have a job search tool, twelve job boards, we have Hotsheets and these are emails that go out once a day for specific I think 37 different job titles where we collect up all of the posts for those job titles that were posted during the day and about 4 o'clock Pacific time we send them all out at an email to those folks that are interested. We have nuclear outage list and schedule as well as a petro-chem turnaround list. There is a lodging list in case you're looking for a place to stay near one of the job sites. We have client shop listings for almost every shop that advertises their jobs on Roadtechs.com. There's an other services page which contain lists of services related to contract workers like tax services and things of that nature.

OK, going back to the main page over on the left-hand side is the main menu this is where you can navigate the site and get to anything you need to find. And, to use the main menu just hover over one of the links if there's a submenu it'll pop out and then you can go over there and just continue down the sub menus until you get to where you need to go.

OK, moving on we're going to take a look at some of the canned searches that are available on the front page of Roadtechs.com. In this case we'll look at welder; if you're a welder all you have to do is just click on the link, it'll take you to our job search page and run the search for you, And in this case there are 221 jobs that were found with the word welder in them. It's a pretty generic search it's gonna search everywhere in the job post for the word welder. So, if you want to tighten up the search and be a little more specific then you can run the search and add filters up here and make it more detailed and I will show you how to do that in the next step.

But, before we move on let's click into one of these job posts and see what a job post looks like on Roadtechs.com. In this case we have a post from tradesmen international. It's very detailed. Up at the top you have the company name. Had they included an email address for replies it would be indicated up here but in this case they would rather be contacted through a web link and I'll show you that at the bottom. On the upper part of the post we have type of jobs at a contract job a direct hire, the location information, you might also see a SMS text number for those with mobile phones that want to reply via a text message, that is sometimes available on these job posts and it will be right up in here. And then you have the detail of the post. And then down here at the bottom we have the application URL link that you can click on and go over to tradesmen and apply for this job. I'm gonna close this one out and

I'm going to drop down and see if I can find a job with an email link. Here's one, in this case the company Advanced Technical Staffing Solutions posted this job and they have included a link to an email address. You can just click on that, it should bring up your email application. You can write a quick cover letter, attach your resume, fire it off and you're done,

All right now will can we can move on to using the job search tool. In that case we're going to go over to the main menu, we're gonna go to search jobs, and I'll use freeform search. There are other options, you can scan through these and see what other searches are available. In this case, I want to use a free-form search because I'm going to narrow that welder search down to combo welder. OK. now according to this I've got 26 hits for combo welder. And, if I wanted to isolate it even more by state I could type in, I'm sorry, I could go to the US state box and filter for a particular state, let's say Iowa. And I have three hits for Iowa combo welders.

So, that's how you use the filters on the job search and you can save your searches by bookmarking them and next time you run them it will use all of the filters that you've included here. Or you can create a Black Book account and use that mechanism to name and save your searches. It's a little bit easier because they're actually presented in a list with a real name that you can use to distinguish your searches from each other.

To get to the black book area go to the main menu look for the yellow link, hover over jobseeker, and then I would recommend that you just go to the Welcome page first and read the information that's there. And then if you like what you see, then go ahead and create a black book profile.

OK, the next step you might use in your job search on Roadtechs.com would be to go to one of the twelve individual job boards. If you worked in, let's say the petro-chem industry, you could go to the petro-chem job board hover over, I'm sorry, the petro-chem/fossil job link, hover over job board and then click on all posts, and that will take you to all of the job posts in petro-chem. You can scan through those and click on anything that appeals to you and there should be a link in there, either email, or a web link to apply for the jobs. If you get to the bottom and you want to see more, you can look at, so this what you're looking at here, are from the current seven days (the past week) of job posts. You can, if you want to go back to the week before just click on the previous seven days link and you'll get another set of posts to look at.

I mentioned the Hotsheets earlier, I will just dive into the Hot sheet page momentarily and show you what that looks like, how to sign up, and how to unsubscribe. So from the main menu, all the way at the bottom in orange is a link called daily Hotsheets. If you click on that you'll go to a new page and these are the 37 or so Hotsheets that we've got created and we have these disciplines that we search for for the Hotsheets. So if you are a machinist the the system at around 4 o'clock Pacific time will go and look for all of the machinist jobs that were posted in the past 24 hours and it will compile them and put them in an email and send it off to you if you're subscribed to this list. And you get one of those every day that a machinist job has been posted. On the rare days that a machinist job isn't posted you will not get an email. To sign up for one of these Hotsheets you just click on the link under subscribe using your email, and it will bring up your email, you don't have to put any detail and it just send it off, and you will get a reply from our system. And you, so in that reply, you just have to hit the reply button. You have to reply to the email that's sent from our system. You don't have to add any detail to that one either. Just send it back to us, it will validate that that is your email address and then you will be added to the list and start receiving the Hotsheets every day when they're published. To get off of a hot sheet that you're already subscribed to, just find the link under unsubscribe. So in the case of the machinist you just follow down the middle row find the machinist leave, click on that and send the email, and it will take you off the list. Very simple.

If you'd rather not subscribe to the Hotsheets, but you want to see what's included in the Hotsheets, you can see a web-based version of the most recent hot sheet by clicking on the link under the column Current Hotsheet. In this case I'll click on machinist, and it didn't find any for today of course today is Sunday so it's not finding any. But had there been any they would have been listed here. I just clicked on welder here's the hot sheet that went out today for welders. And you can see they're all three combo welders and you can read the detail, click on the links. It works just like a link on a job board, goes right to the job post read it, apply and you're good.

And that concludes our video on how to find a job using Roadtechs.com have a good day

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