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Pricing Options for Recruiters and Shops


Hello, and welcome to this Roadtechs.com job posting and resume database pricing options video. First, let's discuss why Roadtechs.com works:

  • Workers and clients have trusted Roadtechs.com for over twenty years and we've been online since 1997

  • Nearly five hundred clients are currently posting jobs on Roadtechs.com

  • Around 150 to 200 jobs are posted on a typical weekday

  • We average around 15,000 visitors to the site every weekday

  • Around 10,000 job searches are performed daily

  • Our job posts are being viewed around 30,000 times every weekday and about 20,000 times on weekend days

  • Our more active posts see about 400 views on the very first day they're posted the average posts first day views is around 100

  • Resumes are delivered directly to the client using the link provided in the job post so when you post a job you put in your email address and the workers will send their resumes directly to you through that email link. There's also an option to use a application URL link if you don't want to use an email.

So now let's talk about how Roadtechs.com works. When you post a position on a Roadtechs.com job board, interested workers will email their resumes to you. This way you attract available personnel and you're not wasting your firm's valuable time and resources running down personnel that cannot or are otherwise uninterested in accepting your current offer. For 20 years this model has worked successfully for Roadtechs.com and our nearly 500 firms who use the website to fill their contracts. This model results in recruiting firms being able to fill contracts in a much more timely and cost efficient manner. Simply said post your jobs and the Roadtechs.com traffic responds to your postings.

Now let's move on to packages and pricing:

  • A one-year unlimited job posting account in any one Roadtechs.com area (or job board) starts at just $695

  • A three month unlimited job posting in any one Roadtechs.com area starts at $300 and,

  • A single job post in any Roadtechs.com area costs $200

  • A one-year Black Book resume database access starts at $495

Just a note we don't offer trial posts, we have been in the business since 1997 and we have a proven track record we have lower cost options if you like, a three month unlimited or a single post that will allow you to test out the performance at a lower cost.

So, breaking down the 1 year unlimited job posting registration; this is our most cost effective posting option. A Roadtechs.com one year registration provides you with unlimited job postings in any one Roadtechs.com job board for only $695 this is by far the best value on the market. Other websites limit you to a fixed number of jobs or a huge cost per post. Also your jobs are seen by the correct audience – technical, energy, construction. When you post a new job, any job seeker monitoring for that job title will receive a notification email or text immediately upon your job posting. Also when you post a new job you can receive an email that has a list of job seeker profiles matching your job post title. Now this is going to require a Black Book resume database access account to get to the contact information of those resumes. Continuing on with the one year unlimited job posting registration; your job postings will be seen by up to 15,000 workers visiting Roadtechs.com every day. Based on your job postings you can also receive job seeker profile emails as soon as a job seeker announces their availability in real time. Now this is going to require a Black Book account so that you can access any contact information. Continuing on with the one-year job posting registration; these include a page in our shops directory listing, that includes your company name, your graphic, your web link for each area that you purchase and this is just included in the price. If you upgrade to a custom shop listing for an additional $150 per area purchased, you can provide additional details about your firm on your Roadtechs.com shop page. Job posts are active for up to 60 days unless you close it out earlier than that.

And now on to the prices for one year unlimited job posting accounts:

  • A single job board registration is $695.

  • You can add additional job boards (or areas) for $300 each.

  • Custom shops listings (as we talked about before) are an additional $150 for each area registered.

  • You can add Black Book resume database access for the discounted rate of $300 for five recruiter accounts (it's normally $495 if purchased separately).

Moving on to the next option, which a three month unlimited job posting account. For those that don't need a full-year registration, or would like to try Roadtechs.com at a lower cost, we offer the 3 month registration. It provides your firm with unlimited job postings in any single Roadtechs.com job board for only $300. You get the same job posting benefits as a one-year account discussed earlier. Continuing on with the three month unlimited job posting registration, your job posts are active for up to 60 days unless you close them out earlier. Single job board registration is $300 and additional job boards are $150 each. You can add Black Book resume database access for the discounted rate of $150 for five seats (or recruiter accounts). This is normally a $495 option for one year so that's quite discounted from our regular price.

The next purchasing option for job posting is a single job post, This is our lowest cost posting solution. A single post submission provides your firm with one job post in any one of our twelve job boards for just $200. Your post will remain on the job board for up to 28 days unless you decide to close it earlier.

The next purchase option we have is a one-year Black Book resume database access. This provides your firm with unlimited resume access for $495 and that's five recruiter accounts. This is Black Book database access only – no job postings are included with this account. So, this is a standalone Black Book database access purchase. It should be noted that resume contact information is limited to 50 resumes per day per recruiter account. Additional five recruiter accounts can be purchased for $300 for each five new accounts. Continuing on with the one-year Black Book resume database access registration; this account is required to view job seeker contact information listed in the emails generated from job postings or when job seekers announce their availability. Black Book accounts are purchased for individual recruiters and account sharing is not permitted. The minimum number of accounts you can purchase is five.

On the Roadtechs.com site we do have a pricing calculator that you can use to select various options and noodle on a price and that calculator can be found at the web link shown on your screen or you can go to Roadtechs.com, then in the main menu select employer registration, and then pricing options and that will take you to the calculator page. We'll show that to you next. To find the employer registration pricing calculator just go to Roadtechs.com in your browser, and from the main menu select employer registration, and then pricing options. At the top of this new page, you'll see a package cost calculator and you can select a one year unlimited job posting account, a three month, a single job post, or Black Book stand-alone account. For example we'll check the one year unlimited job posting package, and I will select general construction and overseas as my two job board posting selections, I would like to add custom shops pages at $150 each for both of my registered areas, and as you can see down at the bottom its sub totaling everything as I select it. And I would also like to add five recruiter Black Book accounts and that's gonna cost $300 for this annual account. And the total price of the options I have selected is $1,995 as you can see at the bottom. So you can use this tool to select different options on Roadtechs.com and come up with the best price for your posting needs.

If after reviewing this video you still have questions you can contact us via the via the email link at the top of the Roadtechs.com main page at www.Roadtechs.com. Have a good day thank you for watching.

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