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Website Overview

Parties interested in Roadtechs, LLC acquisition should refer to the below website overview, and complete the contact form provided:

Roadtechs website overview:
  • Users and clients trust, on-line since 1997 - 20 years in operation
  • Over 400 clients posting jobs (see
  • Around 125 jobs are posted on a typical weekday
  • Currently provide twelve niche technical job boards:
    • Nuclear Power
    • Petro-Chem / Fossil / Offshore
    • Electric Transmission and Distribution
    • Alternative Energy
    • General Construction
    • Computers / Software / Networking / Telephony
    • Aerospace / Aircraft
    • Overseas / International
    • Medical / Pharmaceutical
    • Homeland Security / DoD / Federal Government
    • Shipyard / Marine
    • Manufacturing
  • We average well over 15,000 visitors to the site daily
  • Some of the top web referrers are,,,, and
  • Very good search engine placement in our core areas
  • is much more cost effective than the competition
  • is easy to use, simple to navigate. Jobs can be posted in seconds, replies and résumés start coming in moments later
  • Fast and easy search tool helps users find the right job from the over 3500 listings
  • Read what our clients and users think about on our Testimonial Page
  • is a Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • Around 7 million job posting views in the past 6 months (as of 6/17)
  • About 20 thousand jobs posted over past 6 months (as of 6/17)
  • Around 360 thousand job searches submitted in May 2017 (as of 6/17)
  • Zero delay time to post
  • Zero delay time for responses. Jobs are available on boards and searches as soon as they are posted; Users can text résumés to recruiter
  • Canned discipline searches get jobs in front of the users faster
  • Discipline job emails (HotSheets) available to push jobs to the user's email box
  • Recruiters and workers Black Book Resume Database
  • Workers can broadcast their availability to recruiters quickly and effectively
  • Workers can elect to receive immediate notification of new job postings meeting their skill set
  • Site provides a sense of community to the energy, construction, technical and skilled trades work force
  • is 100% business, always above board. We have an excellent reputation in our industry
  • The site is intentionally simple in appearance and function to allow better use of our time and server resources, and offers a welcome familiarity to our users
  • RSS available to push jobs to feed readers
  • Free lodging list area allows landlords to list housing available near job sites. Allows users to find lodging quickly
  • Website optimization for Google Mobile platforms requirement complete
  • All website activity is process through a secure webserver (https://)

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