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Website Overview

While we are not actively marketing the website for sale, we do on occasion consider purchase proposals. Before contacting us with any offer to buy, we ask that you keep the following items in mind:
  • We would only be interested in a complete buy-out. Partnerships or partial buy-outs with a stake in the new business do not interest us.
  • As a subscription based website with a steadily increasing gross income, we are at the higher end of whatever multiplier you wish to use to calculate the value.
  • Our subscription prices are very low compared to other sites in the industry. We could generate more income for the site by raising our prices, but we would lose some of our large and varied client base. Therefore, we understand that the value of appears to be artificially low.
  • We do not actively market our products and services, new clients generally come to us via word of mouth. Site income could be greatly improved if a buyer decided to market the website. This hidden value could be exploited by a buyer.
  • The design and functionality of the website are purposefully simple, many years of running the site have taught us that our users and clients prefer it this way. You shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the site has less value because it doesn't have a flashy, modern look and feel.
Parties interested in Roadtechs, LLC acquisition should refer to the below website overview, and complete the contact form provided:

Roadtechs website overview:
  • Users and clients trust, on-line since 1997 - 22 years in operation
  • Nearly 500 clients posting jobs (see
  • Around 150 jobs are posted on a typical weekday
  • Currently provide twelve niche technical job boards:
    • Nuclear Power
    • Petro-Chem / Fossil / Offshore
    • Electric Transmission and Distribution
    • Alternative Energy
    • General Construction
    • Computers / Software / Networking / Telephony
    • Aerospace / Aircraft
    • Overseas / International
    • Medical / Pharmaceutical
    • Homeland Security / DoD / Federal Government
    • Shipyard / Marine
    • Manufacturing
  • Our daily user activity average is over 5,000 unique visitors to the site
  • Over 1,500 email & text push worker notifications per day
  • Over 6,500 daily HotSheet emails sent to workers
  • Very good search engine placement in our core areas
  • is much more cost effective than the competition
  • is easy to use, simple to navigate. Jobs can be posted in seconds, replies and resumes start coming in moments later
  • Fast and easy search tool helps users find the right job from the over 4000 listings
  • Read what our clients and users think about on our Testimonial Page
  • is a Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • About 40 thousand jobs posted every year
  • Around 300,000 job searches per month
  • Zero delay time to post
  • Zero delay time for responses. Jobs are available on boards and searches as soon as they are posted; Users can text resumes to recruiter
  • Canned discipline searches get jobs in front of the users faster
  • Discipline job emails (HotSheets) available to push jobs to the user's email box
  • Black Book Resume Database is available
  • Workers can broadcast their availability to recruiters quickly and effectively
  • Workers can elect to receive immediate notification of new job postings meeting their skill set
  • provides a sense of community to the energy, construction, technical and skilled trades work force
  • is 100% business, always above board. We have an excellent reputation in our industry
  • The site is intentionally simple in appearance and function to allow better use of our time and server resources, and offers a welcome familiarity to our users
  • Website optimization for Google Mobile platforms requirement complete
  • All website activity is process through a secure webserver (SSL cert; https://)

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