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About Roadtechs.com

Roadtechs.com is your cost-effective, easy to use job posting solution. Roadtechs.com is free to use for job seekers and our job posting and ad packages are very competitively priced (starting at only $695.00 for unlimited job posts in a single job board area). For more information about job post packages, go here: https://www.roadtechs.com/accts/splash.htm. For info on banner ad packages, use this link: https://www.roadtechs.com/accts/banad1.htm.

Your time is valuable so we strive to keep the site simple and easy to use. There are no complicated logins or overly complex forms to fill out.

If you're a Roadtechs.com client, we realize that our success is directly related to your success. We will do our best to make sure your job postings are effective, providing feedback to you as necessary.

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Roadtechs.com history:

In 1997, Steve Ryan took an interest in the (then still young) internet and decided to put up a web site. He wanted a place where nuke workers on the road could keep in touch. Back then, a pretty common name for contract nuclear workers was "roadwhores" so he named his new site roadwhore.com.

As word of mouth spread about roadwhore.com, the site became the focal point for information related to contract work in the nuclear industry. In fact, the site was popular enough to attract the attention of a few recruiters who wanted to start posting some contract job openings.

Once word got out that recruiters were having good success filling jobs posted on roadwhore, other shops wanted to join in. The site was becoming a second job for Steve and he eventually started charging shops to post jobs and advertise. Steve also added new areas to the site to accommodate user and recruiter requests (petro-chem, computer, aerospace, overseas, etc.).

For the nostalgic among you, you can still see what the old site looked like here: http://web.archive.org/web/19980201012452/http://roadwhore.com/

Roadtechs.com continues to grow into other energy and tech sectors. Many facilities count on Roadtechs.com as their cost-effective and exclusive solution for filling their job openings.
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