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Hiring Superintendents- Must have solar experience

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To accept responsibility for the installation of each project assigned to them, with regard to ensuring the safety of our employees, meeting our client’s needs, controlling our costs, completing our schedules on time, implementation and administration of lean principals, management of tracking processes, and meeting the expectations of the owners of E Light Electric Services, Inc.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Assist CM with initial site set up and clean off and maintain site facilities throughout the project
• Assist the CM in ensuring the safe work practices of the employees on the project
o Ensure all safety procedures are followed
o Ensure all site requirements are followed
o Train personnel for tasks, train general foremen
o Ensure daily crew briefings are being done. Attend a crew briefing for a crew everyday
o Ensure all crews have an installation plan and JHA and that the crews are following the installation plan and the JHA
o Ensure crews are using pretask cards and challenging in accordance with company procedure and policy
o Analyze all tasks and identify hazards and develop mitigations
o Ensure accidents and incidents are reported immediately to the construction manager
o Complete accident investigations, complete accident reports [If the project has a full time safety manager, coordinate with the safety manager it complete reports.]
• Stand in the Circle
o Stand in the circle and observe a minimum of three crews and task per week
o Compete a STOP action cards for each observance and submit to safety manager
o Review your observations with the crew and ask for their input and feedback on how to improve their task
• Supervise the day to day operations in the field based on assignment by the Construction manager
o Ensure crews are starting right away
o Ensure crews are productive
o Ensure break areas and latrines are close to crews
o Monitor the one dollar a minute model on the project
o Ensure breaks are started on time and stopped on time
o Evaluate everything for non-value added cost and eliminate
o Creative problem solving
o Provide leadership for general foremen
o Train general foremen and foremen
• Attend the plan of tomorrow meeting and assist the Construction Manager
• Manage the operations staff in your area of responsibility
o Ensure GFs are getting timesheets accurate and on time
o Ensure GFs are reporting accurately the production factors
o Ensure GFs are supervising their foremen
o Resolve personnel issues and conflicts
• Assist the construction manager with the development and maintenance of the construction schedule for your area of responsibility
• Pre-plan the project for your area of responsibility
o Determine materials needed for your installation plans
o Determine tool needs for your installation plans
o Determine equipment needs for your installation plans
o Ensure materials, equipment and tools are available to crews for all tasks
o Ensure that crews have installation plans with detailed and accurate directions. You are responsible for writing these installation plans as assigned by the CM.
• Supervise the General Foremen on the project
o Develop to become superintendents
o Train to supervise personnel
o Train to develop installation plans
o Train to write JHAs
o Train to record and report productivity factors
o Provide General Foremen with the tools, information and materials to be successful at the tasks you assign them.
• Help maintain budget and understand what things cost.
o Ensure that company assets are protected from loss
o Ensure tools and equipment are used correctly
• Responsible for accuracy and quality of entire installation.
o Review quality tracker report each day in the POT meeting
o Maintain a success rate of at least 97.5% average for all work in your area of responsibility
o Work daily to achieve a goal of 100% success rate on tasks
o Work with foremen and general foreman and hold A3 sessions to improve quality
 All A3s are to be saved in the project file
• Maintain and manage good daily logs in a detailed manner and send to CM by email each day. Use iauditor for this process.
• Assist the Construction Manager and Project Engineer with the application and execution of the tracking systems
• Understand, enforce and implement local union requirements according to project labor agreement and master agreement if applicable
• Maintain as-built drawings for all work performed in your area of responsibility using bluebeam
• Perform daily safety and quality inspection of the site
o Submit iauditor report for the inspection to corporate and to client
o Develop and implement iauditor templates
• You are expected to spend 80% of your day in the field directly each day

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• Technical knowledge of major and minor electrical materials and their uses. troubleshooting techniques and components involved in entire system.
• Wiring systems and how to perform all phases of project installation
• Electrical control work and how to troubleshoot
• Materials
• Commercial electrical construction/ Solar installs
• Tools, tool uses, and repair techniques
• Other trades to coordinate electrical installation
• Mathematics sufficient to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers and fractions
• National Electrical Code
• Motor controls
• Safety and OSHA standards
• All Federal, State, and Local standards relating to safety
• All MSDS right to know material
• Alternate methods of installation
• Productivity Quality assurance
• Installation Plan development
• Commercial wiring systems and blueprint reading
• Photovoltaic systems
• Proficiency with Outlook. Excel, Bluebeam, iAuditor and other computer software programs developed and used in reporting and communication.
Skill in:
• Reading and writing
• Managing others so that the work assignment gets completed
• Prioritizing and reprioritizing to meet job needs
• Problem solving
• Organizing work to accomplish tasks
• Managing stress to carry out the work assignment
• Estimating resources needed to complete required tasks
• Reading and interpreting blueprints
• Time management
• Managing equipment
• Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with supervisors, employees, and internal and external customers
• Using, repairing, and instructing others in safe use of tools
• Effective written and oral communication sufficient to be able to elicit and communicate information and achieve understanding
• Troubleshooting electrical systems while they are de-energized
• Sensitive to customer urgency
• Micorsoft excel
• Iauditor
• Android tablet use
• Android apps use

Physical Requirements:

Typical construction work including climbing ladders, working in high places (such as scaffolding or ladders) climbing stairs, pulling wire, lifting (up to 50 lbs.), operating machinery (forklifts, cranes, backhoes, power tools, hand tools, benders, tuggers, hydraulic machinery), bending, stooping, kneeling, sitting, standing, grasping, driving, and typing. Able to work in high heat conditions in rural locations.

Performance Functions:

• Provide Leadership
• Provide Good Communication
• Follow Policies and Procedures
• Be a team member that has solutions and not just questions
• Everyday come to work ready to find a better way to do what we do.
• Identify personnel with leadership potential and mentor and coach them for advancement
• Find your replacement and train them to take your place.

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