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Maintenance Technician 1 (Job Nbr: 2996)

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General Description. This position is for a highway maintenance technician with 1 - 3 years of skilled labor experience within the highway maintenance field. The Maintenance Technician will be responsible for highway maintenance work requiring knowledge of VDOT standards and specifications. This position will most likely be assigned to a crew to complete daily work orders along the highways I95, I495, and I395.Areas of work will include snow and ice, guardrail and attenuator repair/replacement, signs, lighting/electrical work, mowing, tree trimming, incident response, drainage cleaning, debris removal, and asphalt/concrete repairs.


It is important to understand that the following is a guideline of responsibilities and goals for this position. Of course, you may be asked to assist other team members and contribute to the business in other ways that are not outlined below. As an employee of Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc., you have accepted the responsibility to become a key member in a large team that works together towards two common goals, the financial success of the business and the personal satisfaction of building a rewarding career.

The KPI's below show the main responsibilities to focus on for this position. Within each of these areas you may be given specific and measurable KPI's by your Supervisor. It is important to review these periodically to make sure you are focusing on the right things and continually exceeding expectations in these areas.


  1. Ability to Learn New Skills.
  2. Workmanship
  3. Dependability.
  4. Work Ethic
  5. Initiative

This position is the start of your career at Jorgensen. You will be offered the training, instruction and experience needed to develop your skills and be considered for increasing levels of responsibility. It is expected that these basic skills are learned in short time and any mistakes or errors eliminated within a reasonable period of time. As new skills are learned, you will be given the opportunity to work on new activities expanding your knowledge and having the chance for promotion to a Maintenance Technician II.


One of the most important parts of our job everyday is the quality of the work we perform. Jorgensen has built the business on providing our clients with the highest quality work. As an entry level maintenance technician, you are expected to perform your work to the best of your abilities everyday. You should take your time and if you have a question about how something should be done, you should ask your Crew Leader or Supervisor for direction. It is expected that you are capable of performing your work properly and as instructed. Jorgensen expects the work to be completed right the first time and the Technician should take pride in his work.


In order to keep our work program on schedule, it is important that all Jorgensen employees show up for work regularly and on-time. Although this position is an entry level labor assignment, the activities performed are very important to the success of the company and the safety of the traveling public. We understand that this work can be demanding and repetitive, however, in order to be considered for future promotions and advance in the company, each employee has to establish themselves as being dependable and punctual. In summary:

  • Show up on time
  • Consistently work the full shift
  • Work overtime when requested
  • Do not exceed your vacation or sick time
  • Notify your supervisor in advance if your going to miss work

This is an entry level maintenance technician position requiring hard work in demanding environments out in the field. It is expected that you give 100% effort day in and day out. You will be expected to work at a productive level for the entire work shift and at the level of your co-workers. All field work is a team effort and we expect all field technicians to contribute equally in their work. Those entry level technicians that consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic will most likely be promoted to a Maintenance Technician II, where they will have more training and learn new skills.


The company expects all employees to take the initiative to do the right things. We expect that you will not wait to be told to do something but instead seek out instruction and new assignments. Jorgensen takes pride in the work we do and doing the right things at the right time. In order to do that, we need you to seek out work and get the job done without being told.


Education: High School Diploma, some college courses preferred, but not required.

Minimum Years of Relevant Experience: 1 - 3


Knowledge of:

  • various parts of roadway, bridge, drainage structures and other road furniture,
  • types of damage sustained by highway infrastructure due to mechanical wear and environmental conditions,
  • materials used to repair highway infrastructure
  • order of procedure to lift heavy objects
  • correct work methods for various activities required to maintain and repair highway infrastructure
      • Emergency patching Permanent patching
      • Skim Patch with Hot Mix Crack Sealing
      • Hand Mowing Litter/Debris removal
      • Ditch Cleaning by Hand Skim Patching with Liquid Asphalt
      • Surface Treatment Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay
      • Tree Trimming Brush Cutting
      • Stump Grinding Pipe Repair/Placement
      • Leaf Cleanup w/Machine Bituminous Concrete Curb
      • Bridge Maintenance
  • work requirements within a road work zone
  • rules of the road for safe driving
  • PM checks for small service vehicles and pickups


  • Use of the following hand tools
      • File Screwdrivers
      • Standard pliers Claw Hammer
      • Sockets and wrenches Hacksaw
      • Cold Chisel Garden rake
      • Asphalt rake Round-point shovel
      • Square-point shovel Ax
      • Pick Sledgehammer
      • Pry bar Posthole digger
      • Fence-post driver Fencing Pliers
      • Push broom Pruners
      • Hand tamper sythe
      • Paint brush, roller and other painting equipment
  • Use of leaf blower to collect leaves and loose debris in piles and windrows for collection
  • Mow small areas of grass using push or self propelled walk behind mower or small riding mower
      • Mow areas to correct height in efficient patterns
      • Use of mulching or bagging attachments depending on conditions
  • Use of power rake to collect loose debris and leaves in efficient manner leaving area clean and orderly
  • Use of vibrating tamper plate to compact loose soil and asphalt to proper density leaving level and smooth surface
  • Use of chain saw to cut limbs and other wooden material on the ground to facilitate clean up of debris
  • Safely operate SUV and pickup truck to ¾ ton
  • Use measuring tape and ruler to measure distance and area
  • Applying uniform coats of paint and other coatings to surfaces


  • Read at 8th grade level
  • Carry out simple arithmetic functions:
      • Match terms associated with basic math to their correct definitions
      • Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division problems
      • Distinguish among types of fractions
      • Add and subtract fractions
      • Convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions
      • Distinguish among types of fractions
      • Add, subtract and multiply decimals
  • Complete time and attendance forms and vehicle logs
  • Lift up to 75 pounds
  • Work safely under adverse environmental and weather conditions
  • Perform routine maintenance checks on small vehicle: check fluids, air filter, tire pressure, change tire
  • Work safely along side mechanical equipment
  • Work as part of a team performing highway maintenance activities.

Manager/Supervisor :

I certify that this job description is an accurate description of the job responsibilities assigned to this position.


By signing above, I am certifying that I have read the above Position Description in detail. My direct supervisor has reviewed this with me in person and answered all my questions. I understand what is expected of me in this position. I also understand that this position description may change over time and/or may not be all inclusive. In addition to the details outlined within, I am expected to communicate with my supervisor regularly.

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