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Finding A Job Using Roadtechs.com

  1. Throughout the day, scan the job boards for any jobs you may be qualified for.

  2. Using the search tool (main menu, search jobs), create (and save) searches to look for job postings that you may be qualified for. Do this often so you don't miss a job posting.

  3. Using the email address or "Apply here" links in the job posting, submit your updated resume to the recruiter(s).

  4. Backup your resume submission with a phone call to the recruiter(s). The phone number may be in the job posting, or you may find it on a recruiter "shops" page. Make sure they got you resume and introduce yourself.

  5. Sign up for any Hotsheets (main menu, daily hotsheets) that contain jobs for your skill sets. If there were jobs posted that day in your skill set(s), you should receive an email in the evening with jobs posted that day in your skill set(s)*. Scan the Hotsheet(s), click on the job links, and apply for jobs that meet your criteria.

  6. Create a Black Book profile. Add enough detail so that the recruiters can find you (desired job position, professional summary, experience, education, etc.).

  7. Use the Black Book Announce! feature to let the recruiters know (in real time) that you are available for your next job assignment.

  8. Set up Job Notify in Black Book and get notified in real time via email (and text message, if desired) of job posts that meet your criteria.

  9. * A Hotsheet will not be published if no jobs in that skill set were posted that day.

The dynamic for finding a job on Roadtechs.com is changing. The old model was a recruiter posts a job and then waits for resumes to show up in their email in-box. With the new Black Book resume database, recruiters will be able to look for qualified candidates before they post the job. If they find the right job seekers in the Black Book, then they may not even post the job. This is why all Roadtechs.com job seekers should consider creating a Black Book profile and entering their information.

First, create your Roadtechs.com Black Book profile. If a recruiter has need of your skill set, they will contact you via the information in your profile.

Take a look at the Hotsheets that are available and sign up for those hotsheets that include your skill sets. Once a day, around 4 to 5 PM pacific time, the Hotsheets are published and they contain all of the jobs posted that day for the chosen skill set. If the Hotsheet contains a job you're interested in, then click on the link in the Hotsheet to navigate to the job posting. Then apply.

To search for jobs on the Roadtechs.com site by keyword, job board, type of job (contract, temp-to-perm, permanent) or by location, just use the search tool located at http://www.roadtechs.com/search/search.php. For more information on using the search tool, please refer to http://www.roadtechs.com/search/help.html. If you have a Black Book profile, you can save your searches for future use.

You can access the job boards directly from the main menu (i.e. Main Menu, Nuclear, Nuke Job Board, All Posts). If you find a job you think you're qualified for, then see below for how to respond to the job post.

If you see a job you think you might be interested in, and qualified for, open the original job post and follow the instructions in the post.

If there are no instructions on how to apply, then click on the e-mail link in the upper left-hand corner of the post, normally the poster's name or their shop name. Introduce yourself in the e-mail as you would any cover letter and then either attach your resume to the e-mail, or include it in the body. Make sure you spell check your documents, then send them off.

If you get a bad e-mail address, see if you can locate a good address in the Shops page and let them know that the posted e-mail address isn't working. Please be courteous, these are prospective employers and we all make mistakes. Sometimes the response to a job is so overwhelming that the shops email box exceeds quota. When that happens all further emails will get bounced. Just try again the following business day.

If you click on the email link in a job post and nothing happens, or you get an error message, there may be a problem with your browser's program defaults. In the case of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, use the tools menu and then select programs. Make sure your default email program has been set up correctly. Other browsers should be similar.

In the internet era, where a single user can send hundreds of resumes a day to various recruiters, and where a recruiters job posting on Roadtechs.com may receive hundreds of resumes for a particular job, DO NOT expect that the recruiter will send you a resume receipt response or be updating you on the status of your resume. If your e-mail to the recruiter did not bounce back to you, then the recruiter has received your resume. Any follow-up postings on Roadtechs.com berating recruiters for not "responding" to a users resume submission will be removed.

For more information on how to use specific features of the Roadtechs.com site, please refer to our general help page.

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