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Maintenance Planner - Nuclear - Barakah - Abu Dhabi

Posted by: Von Mizener Consulting <> on December 31, 2017 at 00:04:01. Click here to reply to this post via Email.Click here for help with email link

Contract / Temp to Direct / Direct Hire: Contract
City: Abu Dhabi - Ruwais
State: Overseas
Country: United Arab Emirates

Provision of 16 nos. Maintenance Planners Scope of Work
1. Critical to Nawah's readiness to operate and maintain the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant {BNPP) units event
free is the development of Human Factored Technical Work Instructions that provide information, technical
instructions, organizational direction, and guidelines for activities related to the maintenance and (continued)
operation of all four production units at IBNPP. These documents include, but are not limited to model work
orders, work instructions, maintenance program documentation, providing input to update/ correct:
maintenance procedures, instructions, guidelines, data and general technical and business information.
2. The timely completion of Nawah's maintenance work orders and work instructions is critical to achieve the
milestones that support Fuel Load and Commercial Operational Readiness for Unit 1. Model Work Orders and
Work Instructions are currently, and will remain, a significant workload for Nawah's operational readiness and
continued success and the work scope is continuously evolving.
3. The purpose of this request is to procure the services of sixteen (16) temporary maintenance planners to
ensure continuity of the maintenance programs and PM project. The maintenance planners will perform duties
within Nawah's maintenance work instruction writing environment. The maintenance planners will be required
to work within the functions to complete the writing and review of work instructions as required.
4. The Maintenance Planners need to be able to produce an estimated one work instruction a week. The current
projection of PM Work Plans needing to be produced is approximately 400 in 26 weeks. 16 Maintenance
Planners producing 16 PM Work Plans a week would produce the approximate number of PM Work Plans
needed to support operations.
5. The contract is requested for a period of one year with possible extension for another year as determined by
business needs. The extension of the contract will be managed based on business needs. It is expected that
the work instruction workload will not decrease after the Operational Readiness Milestone for Barakah Unit 1.
Manpower will be required as determined by business needs. Duration/Timeline of Requirement: One Year
with possible extension.
6. Tentative Start Date:1 February 2018.
1. Nawah is developing Human Factored Technical Work Instructions that provide information, technical
instructions, organizational direction, and guidelines for event free maintenance activities required for the initial
and continued operation of all four production units at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant {BNPP}.
2. The documents include, but are not limited to model work orders, work instructions, maintenance program
documentation, providing input to update/correct maintenance procedures, instructions, guidelines, data and
general technical and business information.
3. The Site Maintenance Department requires the services of a team of consultants to support its efforts to
complete writing the initial model work orders and subsequently the work instructions for a myriad of FLOCs
{Functional Locations).
4. Due to business needs, the workload for the completion of the PM project has increased substantially and
requires the services of a team of sixteen (16) consultants. These consultants will be dedicated to writing
Human Factored Technical Work Instructions within the Maintenance Department. These consultants will
assist maintenance technical specialists with the day-to-day work instruction writing service, as required by
Nawah. The service will include but is not limited to:
Creation of initial maintenance work orders and instructions using vendor manuals, industry procedures
or procedures supplied by other experts as required by the functions in line with internationally accepted
Develop the required Human Factored Technical work instructions to support execution of event free
Provide information to support generation of Procedure Change Requests {PCRs) by the functions.
These Procedure Change Requests are generated on an as needed (daily) basis by the functions as
the work performed by the maintenance planner{s) may identify procedure improvement opportunities.
Reformatting of existing maintenance work instructions in accordance with Nawah's Maintenance
Procedures, Administrative Writers Guide and Technical Writers Guide. These time-lines are determined
by Management and the Function in line with critical milestones for the first unit fuel load and Commercial
Operational Readiness milestone for Unit 1.
Perform technical administrative activities as assigned by Site Maintenance Managers.
The contracted Maintenance planners are fully intergrated into the Nawah Procedures and Records
Management function and systems and makes a large contribution in decreasing the work instruction
workload ofthe Function.
Possible secondment to other departments as required, in line with skills and work instruction writing
5. Minimum qualification and experience requirements for Maintenance Planner:
An engineering diploma (electrical, mechanical, I&C) OR equivalent experience & training at a nuclear
power plant
Have at least 10 years planning experience in a mechanical, electrical, Instrumentation & Control or
Welding discipline
At least 10 years experience with advanced print reading skills (electrical, mechanical, P&ID, logic and
control) to be able to accurately understand plant drawings.
At least 10 years of in-plant experience with maintenance activities, fault finding, technical problem
Full English fluency is required for procedure understanding, print reading, and interfacing with other
departments to complete the tasks at hand. A minimum English proficieny of 5.5 in all categories are
required on the IEL TS or equivalent scale. This is applicable to non-native English speakers and
evidence should be submitted.
6. Other preferred experience requirements for Maintenance Planner
Maintenance planners must be able to understand vendor manuals from a technical perspective and
apply that knowledge to work instruction content and to validate or recommend technical information be
added to work instructions or procedures to ensure clear, concise and accurate content.
The Maintenance planners must understand the concept of procedure use and adherence and its
application to work instructions.
Maintenance Planners must be able to demonstrate the ability to develop Human Factored Technical
Work Instructions (Training or Certification in HuP Factored Technical Writing Instruction or Professional
Procedure Association Certification or equivalent).
Ability to obtain the required BNPP site access to perform work at Barakah site. Work will be performed
at BNPP site. Work hours will be 38 hours per week, working similar hours to Maintenance staff. Nawah
reserves the option to request the maintenance planners to work extended hours if required by the
7. Maintenance planners will be required amongst other to develop, update, technically verify, by desktop,
simulator and plant walkdown and format existing and new Human Factored Technical Work Instructions to
support event free maintenance activities:
1. Validate through a review of the background documents, vendor manuals, and drawings as assigned.
2. Support revision of work instructions.
3. Review work instructions developed by other departments that may have an impact on Maintenance.
4.Perform technical review of work instructions against Operating Technical Specifications, design
specifications, license requirements and documents and guidelines as assigned. 1,
5. Verification and validation of work instructions as required and defined in Nawah procedures. This task will
include plant walkdowns and require physical fitness to complete Training, Support and Maintenance and any
other information relevant to the requirement:
8. Miscellaneous
a) Single accommodation for contractors will be provided for by Nawah on Site or in Ruwais.
b) Accommodation allowance will cover for family accommodation in Abu Dhabi for which the contractor will
make own arrangements
c) The maintenance planners will be incorporated and accommodated into the Nawah Maintenance teams
and will
perform work under the direction and supervision of the respective Nawah groups.
d) Nawah laptop computers will be provided with requisite software and applications that integrates into the
Nawah system.
e) Duration: 12 months
f) Work location : Primarily BNPP Site based and Masdar HQ as and when required.
g) Working hours : Per Site working schedule, 38 hours 4 days and as directed by Line Manager per
operational requirements.


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