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Full Time Instructor Support at Hammer

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Posted by: Value Added Solutions, Inc. on January 04, 2019 at 12:40:50.

Post Number: 511811
Posted By: Value Added Solutions, Inc.
Posted On: 2019-01-04 12:40:50
Subject: Full Time Instructor Support at Hammer
Contract / Temp to Direct / Direct Hire: Contract
City: Hanford
State: Washington
Country: United States

Full-Time Instructor Support at Hammer

• The Mission Support Alliance (MSA-Buyer) supports the Department of Energy (DOE) Richland Operations Office (RL) Project Hanford, which entails cleanup of the Hanford Site with the exception of Hanford Site tank waste. Key cleanup activities include Remediation Definition and Analysis, Facility Cleanup, Waste Site Cleanup, Facility and Waste Site Surveillance & Maintenance, and Groundwater Protection.
• MSA, in support of its prime contract with the U. S. DOE, and HAMMER Training are responsible for providing Hanford Site training. The Volpentest HAMMER Federal Training Center (HAMMER) is a U. S. DOE training facility specializing in hands-on training for the Hanford Site.
• Hoisting and rigging work poses numerous potential hazards: falling objects and debris, and dropped loads can cause severe injury or death. An error in rigging, gear failure, or standing in the wrong place when a lift is in progress can result in a worker being struck by the load as it shifts or swings unpredictably. When mobile cranes are used, the potential hazard created by the movement of the cab and counterweight can also result in a crushing injury.
• Aerial lifts have replaced ladders and scaffolding on many job sites due to their mobility and flexibility. This versatility comes at a cost as many workers are injured or killed on aerial lifts each year by their misuse. Workers are injured from falls, objects falling from lifts, tip-overs, ejections from the lift platform, structural failures, electric shock, entanglement hazards, and contact with objects.
• HAMMER's Hoisting and Rigging & Aerial Lift Training introduces students to the hazards of hoisting, rigging, and aerial lifts and how to recognize potentially dangerous work areas. The goal of the programs is to ensure that Hanford workers tasked with operating cranes, forklifts, and aerial lifts, and performing rigging duties are properly trained to work safely and incompliance with the rules and regulations that govern these operations on the Hanford Site.
• The program covers the operation controls, inspection, maintenance, and repair of cranes, hoists, fork trucks, slings, rigging hardware, and hoisting equipment used on the Hanford Site. The Hanford Site Hoisting and Rigging Committee implements rules, regulations, and standards for hoisting and rigging activities through DOE-RL-92-36, Hanford Site Hoisting and Rigging Manual. HAMMER's role is to ensure hoisting and rigging training incorporates these rules, regulations, and standards into the Hoisting and Rigging courses.
• The Hanford site work environment includes many structures that pose the risk of falls and, as a result, Fall Protection training is essential to the safety of workers involved in our clean-up mission. Falls can occur from moveable ladders, scaffolding, fixed ladders, and elevated work platforms and work areas, e.g. roofs, elevated equipment, pipe runs, etc. Recognizing the potential fall hazards and using the proper procedures and equipment can minimize the potential risks when working in these environments.
• HAMMER Fall Protection training introduces students to; potential fall hazards and how to recognize potentially dangerous work areas; the latest fall protection practices; and literally places students in the seat of the harness of the fall protection equipment. Students participate in interactive, practical exercises that are conducted in a controlled, safe environment.
• Workers who will be exposed to fall hazards at the Hanford site receive applicable fall protection training as directed in the Hanford Site-wide procedure, DOE-0346, Hanford Fall Protection Program. All HAMMER Fall Protection training complies with OSHA 1926.503, ANSI Z359.2, and the Site Program.
• MSA/HAMMER requires Subcontractor support to provide instructor support as requested. Training will be for common, site-wide training courses for Hanford Contractors. This training shall directly support the MSA’s commitment to the Hanford cleanup mission while reducing the risk to employee health, the environment and the public.
• HAMMER requires a Subcontractor to provide instructor support for, but not limited to, the following Programs:
• Hoist & Rigging
• Fall Protection
• Safety & Health

Delivery of Training
• The Subcontractor instructor is expected to provide training, specifically, instructional services to the DOE, DOE’s prime contractors, and these agencies’ and companies’ subcontractors under the provisions of this Statement of Work as directed and scheduled in collaboration with the Buyer.
• It is estimated that this full-time Subcontractor instructor support will average 40 hours per week for the Subcontractor staff member assigned to this work scope. This is not a guaranteed number of hours; instructor support is strictly based on Hanford Site training demand.
• This statement of work includes training support for, but not limited to, the following training courses/program areas:

Hoist & Rigging
• Examples of training subjects are:
• Basic Crane & Rigging Safety
• Forklift Safety
• Aerial Lift Safety
• Well Driller Rigging Safety
• Overhead Crane Safety
• Mobile Crane Safety

Fall Protection
• Examples of training subjects are:
• Fall Protection
• Fall Hazard Recognition & Prevention
• Fall Protection Personnel Fall Arrest System (PFAS) Users

Safety & Health
• Examples of training subjects are:
• Scaffold Safety
• Portable and Fixed Ladder Safety
• Hanford Site Confined Space Entry
• Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
• Suspect and Counterfeit Items
• On The Job Trainer (OJT) Fundamentals
On The Job Evaluator (OJE) Fundamentals
• The assigned Subcontractor staff will utilize CLTR to enter their time worked each day. The Subcontractor staff shall keep a record as to the date(s) worked and the course(s) taught and/or work performed under this statement of work. The Subcontractor shall make that information available to the Buyer’s Technical Representative within 48 hours upon request.
• Please Note: Subcontractor instructors do not have to be skilled and experienced to train in ALL of the training program areas listed above. However, they do need to be skilled and experienced to train in hoisting & rigging and fall protection training program areas.

• The scheduling, coordination, and request for the support shall be initiated by the HAMMER individual identified by the Buyer’s Technical Representative (BTR) on an as- needed basis.
• The HAMMER individual identified by the BTR and the HAMMER Training Logistics Team will identify training needs and class demands as early as possible to determine the number of overall sessions needed. HAMMER Training sessions will be set through the HAMMER Learning Management System (LMS).
• After the sessions are scheduled, HAMMER Training Logistics may add additional courses or cancel existing sessions at their discretion. If new training sessions are added to the schedule, the Subcontractor instructor may be asked to provide support to these new sessions, in which case, the Subcontractor instructor will be alerted as soon as possible that additional support opportunities exist.
• Subcontractor shall confirm with HAMMER Training Logistics within two working days, the ability to support additional sessions being scheduled, by sending an email response to ^Instructor Scheduling-HAMMER, copying the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR, the BTR, and the Contract Specialist.
• In the event that classes are cancelled, HAMMER Training Logistics will notify the Subcontractor instructor of the cancellation. The Buyer will not be billed for instructor time associated with the cancelled classes if the cancellation is made five (5) or more business days in advance of the scheduled class date. Should a scheduled class be cancelled less than five (5) business days in advance of the scheduled class date, the Subcontractor may submit a request for equitable adjustment that will be reviewed by the Buyer on a case-by-case basis. For purposes of this statement of work and resultant contract, business days are defined as Monday through Friday. For purposes of this statement of work and resultant contract, the scheduled class date is not included in cancellation calculations described above.
• The Subcontractor instructor may be invited by HAMMER Training personnel to participate in activities including but not limited to HAMMER Training-provided instructor enhancement meetings/workshops. The Subcontractor needs to notify the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR and get his or her approval prior to the activity occurring.

Special Provisions:
• Instructor Expectations
• The instructor shall:
• Attain proficiency in each course prior to teaching the class unsupervised. This will entail studying the course(s) material, discussion of the course material with current instructor to ensure adequate knowledge of the material, observing the class, and conducting the class under the supervision of a current instructor. This will be coordinated through the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR. The HAMMER individual identified by the BTR will ultimately determine if a new instructor is approved to teach classes unsupervised.
• Provide training in accordance with, and without deviation from, approved current course lesson plans. Deviation from approved course lesson plans is not allowed without prior approval from the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR.
• Adhere to and require that all students abide by the approved Health and Safety Plan for each course. If a safety concern is raised or if a deviation to the approved safety plan is observed or anticipated, the instructor shall notify the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR, responsible HAMMER Training manager, or HAMMER Operations immediately.
• Conduct all HAMMER Training related work in accordance with approved MSA/HAMMER procedures and policies.
• Arrive 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the course being taught to 1) ensure that the classroom, equipment and course documents are in order for class and 2) to greet students and ensure they are properly signed into class.
• Ensure that all students listed on the roster (Note: HAMMER Training Logistics will provide the student roster) have a charge code entered in the appropriate area on the roster prior to submitting the roster to HAMMER Training Logistics at completion of the training.
• Request those who attend the course, sign the course roster.
• Request all students fill out a course evaluation form.
• Sign the course roster at the conclusion of the training.
• Spend the time after class ends to ensure that all course materials/rosters have been checked for accuracy and delivered to HAMMER Training Logistics.
• Return the signed course roster (along with the original students’ course evaluation forms) to HAMMER Training Logistics at the completion of class. Please note: This step is necessary to ensure students’ training records get updated to show they completed the course.

Scheduling of Training:
• When Subcontractor instructor support is needed, the identified Subcontractor Points of Contact and the Subcontractor instructor will be contacted via email (from ^Instructor Scheduling-HAMMER) by HAMMER Training Logistics for HAMMER Training.

Course Materials:
• Buyer will maintain all related course documentation to include Needs Analysis, Lesson Plan, Slide Presentation, etc. The Buyer will provide facility space, props, and all classroom materials including student evaluations, handouts, work books, pens, procedures, sample tags, feedback forms, activity sheets and items used during presentations.
• If the Subcontractor instructor identifies any changes that he/she feels need to be made to the course material, he/she will bring those changes to the attention of the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR. Any changes to the course material will be made by the Buyer (HAMMER staff); such changes must be approved by the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR. Instructor will be briefed on any changes to course curriculum by the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR.

Instructor Staffing:
• Instructor is required to pick up their class materials (includes supplies, handouts, roster, etc.) from the HAMMER Training Logistics Team located in MO260 on the HAMMER campus unless other arrangements are made by the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR or HAMMER Training Logistics.

Enrollments and Billing:
• Enrollments will be performed by Training Records, authorized Training Coordinators, or HAMMER Training Logistics staff via the LMS System. HAMMER Training Logistics staff will provide personnel who will be able to process payments via check and/or credit card. As there are no means to manage an “Accounts Receivable” system, payment will be required prior to performance (class date) unless the entity is a Hanford Contractor or using an approved CACN.
• Subcontractor is not authorized to make enrollments or collect billing for HAMMER Training classes. Inquiries as to class availability must be referred to HAMMER Training Logistics personnel or the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR.

Rosters and Training Records:
• HAMMER Training Logistics will produce the Course Completion Roster and/or Training Completion Records (TCR) for each class and student. Official class rosters will be provided to the instructor with his/her class supplies. Course materials can be picked up by the instructor one business day before the scheduled session at MO260.
• It is preferred that completed rosters be submitted to HAMMER Training Logistics prior to the Close of Business on the given class date. At a minimum, completed rosters shall be submitted to HAMMER Training Logistics for entry into LMS no later than the next business day after the date of the class. If this deadline cannot be made, a notification stating the extenuating circumstance shall be made to the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR and HAMMER Training Logistics. Completed rosters will consist of the Course Completion Roster, all individual Training Completion Records, HAMMER Training Course Evaluations, and any other course specific documents as determined by the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR or HAMMER Training Logistics.
• Some training programs have several “evaluation options” available to prospective students. For most Hanford Contractors, these evaluation options are pre-designated by employee training plans. HAMMER Training Logistics will produce individualized Training Completion Records (TCRs) that list the required evaluations for each student based on the student’s training plan. Instructor shall provide evaluations for each student based on the TCR provided by HAMMER Training Logistics. Instructor shall not make changes or adjustments to the required evaluations without prior approval from the training coordinator of the student’s employer.
• f an instructor receives a request from a student or believes that there is a need to deviate from established training plans, the instructor shall contact HAMMER Training Logistics. Approvals for deviation will be sought from the student’s manager and/or training department by HAMMER Training Logistics staff. At a minimum, the student’s training department will be notified in the event of a deviation so that adjustments may be made to the student’s training plan, if necessary. Deviations shall be noted for each student in the “Comments” section of the TCR by the instructor.
• If a “walk-in” is received for a class and there is a seat available in the classroom, HAMMER Training Logistics shall be contacted to verify that training prerequisites are met and that the proper student materials/evaluations are identified. HAMMER Training Logistics shall provide notification to the instructor whether or not the student has met the class prerequisites and/or other requirements to remain in the session.
• The Subcontractor shall not release or present the training courses covered by this statement of work without prior MSA-HAMMER approval from the MSA HAMMER individual identified by the BTR via email. Developed materials shall become the property of DOE.
• The Subcontractor shall not release or present the training courses covered by this statement of work for any purpose outside of supporting the Hanford Site Contractors and the DOE Enterprise.


Required Qualifications:
• Hoisting and Rigging
• Bachelor’s degree in engineering or construction, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Minimum of five years of experience working directly in hoisting and rigging operations and
• Demonstrated knowledge of instructional techniques, adult education methods, and applying the Systematic Approach to Training through training or experience.
• Safety, Health, and Miscellaneous Training (e.g.; Fall Protection, Confined Space, Scaffolding, Ladders, etc.)
• Minimum of five years of occupational experience in Construction or General Industry (a college degree in occupational safety and health, a Certified Safety Professional, or Certified Industrial Hygienist designation may be substituted for two years of experience).
• Must have a working knowledge of fall protection regulations, standard, fall protection equipment and systems, and have experience in the selection, installation, inspection, and use of fall protection systems.
Desired Qualifications:
• Experience in the erecting, inspection, and use of scaffolding.
• Experience in the delivery of mobile crane operation or advanced rigging training and advanced knowledge of the Hanford Site Hoisting and Rigging Manual.
• Previous technical instructor experience desired, but not required
• Comfortable speaking in front of groups
• Basic use of Microsoft Office suite
• Strong customer service skills
• Strong presentation skills
• The Subcontractor shall provide resumes and other pertinent documentation substantiating the training and qualifications for any potential candidate(s) – including what Hanford Site training course(s) he/she is qualified to teach (if available).
• As part of the technical evaluation of Subcontractor proposal(s), candidates who are found to meet the required technical qualifications may be scheduled for an interview with HAMMER Training staff.
• As a part of that interview, the Subcontractor instructor candidate may be asked to give a 10 to 15 minute presentation to HAMMER Training staff to demonstrate his/her instruction and presentation abilities.
• HAMMER Training will ensure that the Subcontractor instructor(s) meets and maintains the appropriate training, qualification, and certification requirements as outlined in MSA’s Instructional Staff Qualification MSC-STD-TQ-61034 (TPD-0017).
• A copy of this will be provided when the Contract Specialist sends out the RFP to any prospective subcontractor.
• New instructors are required to review lesson plans and audit the course in order to become familiar with the content and delivery methods. On-the-Job Training (OJT) will be conducted while a qualified instructor is present to conduct class.
• A trainee cannot take the place of a qualified instructor. When Subcontractor believes that a new instructor is qualified and ready to perform, the Subcontractor should contact the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR to arrange for an evaluation.
• New instructors must be evaluated in the classroom by a HAMMER Training staff member. Upon recommendation by the evaluator, the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR will request that Training Records add the new instructor as an instructor/authenticator to the Training Activity Sheet (TAS).
• The Buyer will provide the Subcontractor the necessary OJT per instructor. This OJT will be coordinated with and directed by the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR.
• Instructors who do not adhere to established MSA/HAMMER procedure, policy or training plans will have their class specific qualifications revoked (removed from the TAS) by the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR with approval from a HAMMER Training Manager.
A. For any on-site work, see On-Site Services Special Provisions for details.
B. The subcontractor shall wear a Buyer issued security badge identifying themselves. A minimum of two working days advance notice is needed for site badging.
C. Subcontractor employees will be required to submit to vehicle searches and not personally carry or transport certain prohibited articles.
D. If the Subcontractor under this scope of work will be required an access authorization (security clearance), then the following will apply. Will not require security clearance

• The HAMMER Training work scope shall be completed at the HAMMER Facility or at other Hanford Site satellite locations across the Hanford Site. The work to be completed at the HAMMER Facility will be performed in an office environment/conference room/class room/training props. When directed by the HAMMER individual identified by the BTR, courses may be conducted at satellite locations on the Hanford Site.
• Hanford personnel at the Hanford Site work a standard 4/10 schedule. The standard work week consist of ten (10) hours of work between 6:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. with one-half hour designated as an unpaid period for lunch, Monday through Thursday.
• Work performed outside normal operating hours shall be coordinated and/or approved through the BTR and/or the contract Specialist prior to performing the work.

For persons with disabilities: If you require assistance completing, or are unable to complete the online resume/application process, please contact:
Human Resources @ (803) 644-0070
Mon. - Fri. 9am - 4pm
237 High Gate Loop
Aiken, SC 29803
Value Added Solutions, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports a drug-free work environment.

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