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Electrical Construction Engineer/Electrical Field Work Supervisor

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Only Resumes submitted in WORD FORMAT will be accepted and no longer than five (5) pages please. Email your resume to: Resume@Bnltech.com.


REFERENCE # 07/20-003


CLOSING DATE: 08/02/2020


The following core tasks, and other specific assignments from Field Execution (Construction Services), include:
• Develop Construction Plans - CE’s manage the constructability from planning through construction. They evaluate structural, electrical, and mechanical condition of each project as the work proceeds. CE’s review all drawings and designs before they are implemented. They plan personnel flows and decide how other contractors and subcontractors will support ongoing field execution.
• Support Engineering Processes - CE’s are construction subject-matter experts that complete routine tests and inspections to make sure that all project requirements are followed. The CE team is staffed with a variety of skill sets and experience so that the CE’s are able to work together to provide the required resources to accomplish the requirements of each project. When required, the CE will reach back to the Design Authority (DA) and specific design engineers in the organization to validate requirements and objectives for specific projects.
• Construction Project Management - CE’s bring specific knowledge to construction projects, such as change management, cost control, cost accounting, and management of project schedules. They track, monitor, and provide performance evaluations, while keeping the field execution on track. When needed, they facilitate discussions and create solutions between construction contractors and construction managers. It is their responsibility to eliminate disagreements in the field and misunderstandings about expected work outcomes working with the Construction Manager. They keep an up-to-date understanding of all contract terms to prevent project delays and actively drive projects to completion.
• Draft Technical Support Documents - Keeping up-to-date logs, estimates, change orders, vendor forms, and surveys with different software is a key role of construction engineers. With documentation, they identify and spot technical problems in the construction process. If necessary, making sure that the Subcontractor is securing more materials to keep construction going to meet the planned execution schedule.
• Communicate with Team Leadership - Weekly meetings with the Construction Manager and all parties involved in a construction project are common for CE’s. Part of their job is to provide necessary status updates and respond to questions from contractors, clients, and their own company leadership. CE’s will provide project reports on a regular basis to the Construction Manager, providing accurate data on progress, problems, and support required for specific projects.

Specific Tasks
Support construction management by functioning as a BTR for all assigned scopes of work under the general direction of a Construction Manager. This includes the verification of work, reviewing subcontract progress payment and changes for accuracy and completeness, and review of subcontract submittals, Non-Conformance Report’s (NCR’s) Request for Clarification or Information’s (RCIs), redlines, Design Change Notice’s (DCNs) and applicable contract modifications in a timely and accurate manner. Interaction with the assigned contract specialist over the applicable contractual documents is expected.

The CE shall provide technical input for all elements of construction projects and tasks from project planning through construction field execution. Creating, modifying and issuing Statements of Work for construction projects and performing constructability reviews to ensure design media and specifications are vetted and approved by Buyer construction management prior to issuance.

• Perform as a BTR for construction and design/build subcontracts as assigned by supervisor.
• Ensure compliance with contract technical requirements.
• Prepare Statements of Work for construction and/or design build subcontracts and similar subcontracts.
• Monitor subcontracts to ensure scope, cost, schedule and quality are within contract requirements.
• Perform technical evaluations of subcontractor bids.
• Verify field configuration control and ensure adherence to construction specifications and standards.
• Perform as a qualified electrical field work supervisor when required. (Training and certification to be provided by owner.).
• Assist in ordering Government Furnished construction materials.
• Ensure necessary forms, permits, drawings, and documents are identified or included in the construction work package.
• Perform constructability reviews for project design packages, 30%, 60% and 90% in a timely manner in coordination with the project team.
• Review and disposition vendor submittals.
• Perform as a qualified electrical field work supervisor, when required. (Training and certification to be provided by Owner,).
• Support project planning for assigned projects.
• Perform procedure reviews, revisions and rewrites.
• Develop Plant Force Work Reviews (PFWRs) for assigned projects, as required.


• U. S. Citizen.
• Demonstrated electrical discipline work planning and oversight.
• Current Washington State Administrator and Journeyman Electrical Licenses.
• Twenty (20) years or more experience in construction in electrical discipline.
• Demonstrated experience of monitoring subcontractor field progress.
• Demonstrated experience using Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Demonstrated ability to interpret drawings and specifications.
• Working knowledge of all phases of construction.
• Experience working with Building Trades craft and construction subcontractors.
• Demonstrated experience resolving technical claim items.
• Demonstrated Electrical Supervisor experience.
• MS Excel, Word, Visio and common office productivity software.
• Calculator and Excel software to accomplish computational tasks.
• Operate a motor vehicle on paved and unpaved roads to visit construction sites to perform physical inspections and interaction with construction forces.

• Experience in Design/Build and Design-Bid-Build EPC projects.
• Experience in Department of Energy site operations or projects.
• Current Hanford Field Work Supervisor qualification.
• Experience organizing and chairing meetings with diverse parties.
• Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting and analytical skills.
• Demonstrated technical proficiency working with multidiscipline construction contracts and subcontractors.

Please submit a resume in Word format to resume@bnltech.com and include in the subject line:

Electrical Construction Engineer/Electrical Field Work Supervisor/ REFERENCE #07/20-003.

Resumes submitted must contain the period of performance dates for each position held.

BNL Technical Services, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


• In-Network:
o $5,000 Individual Deductible, $10,000 Family Deductible, In-Network Provider Office Visit Copay $35, Your Co-Insurance pays 30%, Out of Pocket Maximum (includes Deductible and Copay $7,900 Individual and $15,800 Family. Lab and X-Ray (Major and Minor) Deductible and Co-Insurance. Lifetime Maximum Unlimited. RX: Retail Pharmacy (Mail Order – 2.5 times) Pharmacy Deductible $350 / $700 Family: $20 Deductible-Copay waived / $35 Deductible-Co-pay Waived / $80 Copay-Deductible Applies / $350 Copay-Deductible Applies.
o Life/AD&D: $20,000 Employee.
• Out-of-Network:
o $10,000 Individual Deductible, $20,000 Family Deductible, $15,800 Out of Pocket Max, $31,600 Family Out of Pocket Max. Lab and X-Ray (Major and Minor) Deductible and Co-Insurance. Lifetime Maximum Unlimited. RX: Retail Pharmacy (Mail Order – 2.5 times) Pharmacy Deductible $350 / $700 Family: $20 Deductible-Copay waived / $35 Deductible-Co-pay Waived / $80 Copay-Deductible Applies / $350 Copay-Deductible Applies.
Delta Dental of WA
• $50 Individual Deductible, $150 Family Deductible, $2,000 Annual Maximum, Preventive Services (Exams and Cleanings) – 100% Deductible Waived –80% Deductible Waived Services. Basic Services (Root Canals and Fillings) 80% and 70%. Major Surgeries (Bridges, Dentures, Implants) 50% and 40%.
VSP Vision Care
• In Network: $10 Copay and 100% Eye Exam Every 12 Months.
• Additional in-Network Discounts: 20% on Lenses and Frames, 15% on Contact Lenses.
• Out of Network Reimbursement: Up to $50.
• Short-Term Disability
• Long-Term Disability
• $20,000 Life Insurance Policy
o Optional: Additional Life Insurance Coverage (Employee Out of Pocket Expense).
• Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and more.

• Employee Contributions only, no Company match at this time.

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