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[Facilities Manager] Facility Manager

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Facility Manager
Clearance preferred but not required.
$40 - $59hr
5+ years prior experience in construction or facility maintenance
related work
Maintain a formal project or facility logbook for
assigned facilities categorized as nuclear and/or
Ensure the logbook is available for the Backup or
Assistant FM(s) to make entries and for review, as
Review and concur with all alternate methods utilized
for tracking of surveillance, testing, and inspection
Review Work Packages, Work Plans, and associated
revisions prior to approving work start.
Include discussion of approved work as appropriate in
operations meetings such as the Plan of the Day.
Maintain facility status and provide oversight of all
authorized activities.
Establish facility access controls.
Prepare and/or support preparation of facility safety
basis documentation.
Serve as issuing authority for all work permits.The Facility Manager job family is responsible for the maintenance and operation of facilities in a safe and compliant manner to ensure activities are conducted within the approved Safety Basis and hazard analysis unique to all facilities under the scope of the contract.
Approving, authorizing and releasing all work activities within assigned facilities prior to commencement of
those work activities.
Maintaining up-to-date awareness of facility status and providing oversight of all authorized activities to ensure compliance with Safety Basis (SB) and procedural requirements.
Establishing controls which ensure that authorized personnel may safely gain access to facilities, including rooftops
Maintaining a formal facility log of significant information or events for assigned facilities and ensuring
availability of the logbook for the backup or assistant FM(s) to make entries and for review.
Reviewing and concurring with the facility Configuration Management Plan (CMP) when a CMP is required.
Serving as a core (voting) member of the Project Review Committee (PRC).
Serving as a voting member of the Senior Management PRC whenever an activity/document associated with his/her facility is under review
Managing and controlling facility related DOE Property, including assigned government furnished
Preparing and maintaining facility SB documentation including hazards analyses (Fire Hazards Analysis,
Emergency Management Hazard Assessments, etc` ) Authorization Agreements, Nuclear Criticality Safety Evaluations (NCSE)/Determinations (NCSD)
Implementing safeguards and security requirements associated with nuclear materials and other security matters.
Planning and/or supporting readiness assessments.
Serving as issuing authority for all work permits including radiological work permits, excavation/penetration permits, confined space permits, hot work permits, and lockout/tagout permits.
In addition, the following responsibilities apply to Nuclear Facility Managers:
Authorizing all maintenance, calibration, testing, or inspection activities performed on facility Active Safety Systems and credited Design Features.
Making facility SB/Technical Safety Requirements (TSR) operability determinations for facility Active
Safety Systems.
Making functional capability determinations for SB/TSR credited Design Features, defense-in-depth and protected assumptions involving physical controls that are included in the facility CMP.
Reviewing assigned facility SB documentation, including revisions to identify and/or concur with all
Structures, Systems or Components (SSC) designated as Defense-in-Depth, Safety Significant, or Safety
Approving all changes including additions, revisions, and deletions, to the UCOR-4107, List of Active Safety Systems and List of Design Features, for assigned facilities.
Ensuring that a process is established and maintained for planning, scheduling, tracking and statusing of all surveillance and testing actions required by the facility SB/TSR.
Establishing a master surveillance schedule to identify when SB/TSR surveillance or testing activity is
required and the current status of the activity.
Ensuring that Field Change Requests (FCR) are prepared for modifications to facility SSC.

Identification of the facilities for which UCOR is responsible under the Prime Contract.
Delineation of facility boundaries and interface management responsibilities, including those for shared site systems and infrastructure (fire protection, criticality alarms, utilities, etc.).
Facility safety, including nuclear, industrial and environmental safety.
Facility radiological protection.
Environmental permitting and compliance associated with facilities.


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