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Conveyor Car Dumper Operator

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CCDO needed at Fossil Plant in East, Tennessee
As assigned, the Conveyor-Car Dumper Operator operates a unit of the coal handling system, which consists of car dumpers, conveyors, crushers, belt feeders, and bunker distributing equipment. Operates the car dumper from the elevated cab and controls the manner and rate of dumping by close cooperation with an observer on the ground, being alert and observant in order to prevent injury to persons in the vicinity and to promote efficient operation of the equipment.

Watches the conveyor belts, feeders, gates, screens, and hoppers that are assigned to him. Sees that coal is flowing through the equipment at the rate required. Listens for noises, such as squeaks or bumps, that indicate lack of lubrication, bearing failure, defective belts, obstructions in the system, or other operating difficulties. Depending on what is seen and heard, either reports the difficulty to the Coal Tower Foreman or Coal Tower Operator, shuts the equipment down by means of a push-button control located near assigned station, or corrects the difficulty personally. If coal starts to pile up and spill, shuts the equipment down. When in doubt about whether to shut the equipment down or to notify the Coal Tower Foreman or Coal Tower Operator, will shut the equipment down and then notify the Coal Tower Foreman or Coal Tower Operator.

All of the coal conveying equipment in assigned area is started by remote control from the coal tower control room. Must keep himself clear of this equipment whether or not it is running, since it may start at any time. Even when there is a warning system installed, the Conveyor-Car Dumper Operator must keep clear of the equipment; and must not depend on the warning system to notify him/her to get clear.

When it is necessary for the Conveyor-Car Dumper Operator to get in or on the equipment, does so only on specific orders of the Coal Tower Foreman or Senior Coal and Ash Foreman, who are responsible for seeing that the equipment is properly cleared and tagged. The Conveyor-Car Dump Operator must clean up any coal spillages or debris in his assigned area or direct a Laborer assigned to his/her area to do this work. Must empty the tramp iron from the hoppers where the magnetic pulley discards it. Must be careful and look for dynamite caps or other explosives that may be in the hopper or hung up or traveling in the system. Must know how to dispose of such explosives safely. Is responsible for the oiling of equipment assigned to him/her in accordance with a lubrication schedule.

May be required to operate a coal tripper. When operating the coal tripper, must place the tripper over the correct bunker or hopper as instructed and see that the tripper discharges coal properly. When operating a coal tripper, may have a Laborer assigned to help in his/her work. When moving his coal tripper, must see that everyone is clear of it. Must notify the Coal Tower Foreman or Coal Tower Operator a few minutes before the bunker or hopper is full so that the Coal Tower Foreman or Coal Tower Operator can cut off the flow of coal to the belts and avoid overflows. Wherever ventilating equipment is installed to take dust out of the bunkers or bins, must make sure that the equipment is turned on and is operating before starting to add coal. Must turn this equipment off when through, unless the procedures require that the ventilating equipment be left on. In that case, must make sure that it is operating before starting to load coal. This ventilating equipment is controlled by a simple push-button control on the motor, and there may be dampers or vanes that are adjustable.

Is responsible for housekeeping in assigned area. When needed, may be assigned to perform cleanup work wherever necessary. Must know and understand all of the safety rules which apply to area of work.

Must know the use of the equipment he/she operates. Must know how to stop any of the equipment he/she operates. Must know how to communicate with the Coal Tower Foreman or the Coal Tower Operator. Must be able to recognize bad bearing, faulty belt operation, or unusual noises in the equipment and to associate these things with their cause. In order to do these things, must have operated conveying equipment and car dumping equipment or completed a training program designed to qualify him/her for this work.

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