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Turbine Overhaul Owners Rep- IN

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System One is actively seeking a Turbine Overhaul Owner’s Representative for a contract position located in Indianapolis, IN.

Turbine Overhaul Owner’s Representative Responsibilities:

Owner’s Representative, on behalf of the Owner, shall act as the Contract Administrator for the disassembly, inspection, repair, re-assembly, and start-up of the company’s Station Unit 7 General Electric Turbine-Generator
Be responsible for oversight of the Owner’s Turbine / Generator maintenance, scaffolding, and Insulation contractors that are performing work associated with this project
This oversight shall include, but not limited to, the following areas:
Monitoring and compliance with the Owner’s Safety programs by the contractor
This shall include:
Attend contractor pre-shift safety meetings
Review of contractor permits (confined space, hot work, lift, working at heights, etc.)
Prompt exercise of “stop work” authority if warranted and immediate notification to the Owner of any use of "stop work" authority exercised on work scope being monitored
Ensure contractors and vendors are utilizing proper PPE when performing work
Prompt notification to the Owner of contractor issues or violations related to applicable Plant safety requirements and assist the Owner in documenting any safety issues or violations related to contractor performance
Ensure contractor compliance with facility COVID monitoring and prevention program
Assure compliance with the Owner’s contract technical requirements with the contractor
Oversee contractor compliance to project schedule requirements
Assist Owner with equipment testing and startup support
Prompt notification to the Owner of any issues or concerns that could jeopardize safety, work quality, and/or schedule
Provide an electronic daily shift report in a format provided by Owner
Provide an electronic daily safety audit report in a format provided by the Owner
Ensure all contractor inspection/test/repair/status reports are forwarded to the Owner in an electronic format
Attend outage update meetings as scheduled (may be performed via Microsoft Teams)
Coordinate any insulation and scaffold work with the appropriate contractors and the Owner’s other contract administrators
If requested by the Owner, attend shop visits to evaluate and advise on inspection results and repairs provided by the contractor

Turbine Overhaul Owner’s Representative Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED
The Owner’s Representative shall have extensive experience in onsite management of steam turbine/generator maintenance inspection outage work with a strong understanding of generally accepted work practices when conducting this type of work
The selected candidates must provide documentation showing they are fully vaccinated - Fully vaccinated is defined as ≥2weeks following receipt of the second dose in a 2-dose series or ≥2weeks following receipt of one dose of a single-dose vaccine
The applicable candidates shall also have experience with an understanding of acceptable safety practices and requirements when performing such work
These programs include, but are not limited to:
Lockout / tagout
Confined space entry
Hot work
Working at heights
Critical lifts
The Owner’s Representative must be trained and capable of:
Wearing body harness for fall protection and confine space entry
Working at heights and/or in confined spaces
Climbing ladders and stairs
Evaluating safety data sheets (SDS) for chemicals / products used by the contractors
Additional requirements for the selected candidates shall also include:
Drug Testing Indicated as valid in CSS SafeSite or take a drug test and provide documentation that the drug test results are negative – proof of taking a test is not acceptable – must show negative test results
Valid driver’s license if driving onsite – even from gate to the parking lot
Valid TWIC card (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)
High visibility hard hat - hard hats must meet most recent ANSI Z89.1 standards and must be high-visibility – (marketed and sold as a high-visibility hard hat)
Eye protection - required safety glasses with side shields must be ANSI Z87.1 compliant
Foot protection - safety shoes or boots shall meet ANSI Z41.1 requirements and have ratings of I/75, C/75, and a defined heel of at least 3/8” - footwear shall be kept properly fastened and maintained in good, safe condition - athletic type safety shoes are not permitted
Clothing - at a minimum, work apparel is flame resistant and dual rated for the most recent versions of NFPA 2112/2113 and NFPA 70e Hazard Category 2 at the time of performing the work
These requirements are intended to ensure workplace apparel does not add to or cause injury to the wearer when exposed to an electric arc or flash fire during a workplace incident - (non-FR rated disposable coveralls are not permitted)
Must be long sleeves with sleeves rolled down, coveralls must be zipped up unless clothing underneath is also rated
Also applies to all outer wear including jackets, raincoats, etc

Duration: 8 week Contract
Location: Indianapolis, IN
PD paid
Start Date: 4/2

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