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           home >> Products For Job Seekers Products For Job Seekers provides all of our products to job seekers free of charge. The costs of running are paid by our client shops through job posting subscriptions, banner advertisements, etc. (there is a fee to upgrade a job seeker Black Book account to a "Premium" account, but there is no fee for job seekers to use the basic Black Book.).

We do our best to keep the web site as easy to use as possible. There are no complicated registration forms to fill out or log-ins required for a job seeker to use the site and find a job (if you choose to create a Black Book resume profile, then a log-in would be required for your security). does not share any job seeker contact information with anyone other than our client shops (via Black Book resume searches), we understand that your privacy is important to you. We do not send unsolicited emails either. If you receive an email from, it's because you signed up for one of our products or services.

Job Seeker Related Products:
  • Black Book - this is a place for you to store your resume information on for our client recruiters to use when looking for workers to fill jobs. Use this as your "landing page" so you can easily indicate your current availability, save job searches, etc. For a small annual fee, you can upgrade your profile to our Premium level. Premium profiles are moved to the top of recruiter resume searches (if they are searching for your skill set, industry, etc.) and do not require quarterly log-ins to keep the profile active.

    If you have a searchable Black Book profile (contains the minimum detail to be searchable by recruiters), and your availability setting is "available" or "working but considering offers", then your Black Book profile will be included in automatic resume searches when a job is posted by recruiters. If your desired job title matches the recruiter's job title, then your resume information (without your contact info) is emailed to the posting recruiter. Only recruiters with a current subscription are allowed to view your Black Book contact information.

  • Announce! - The Black Book Announce! feature will allow you to immediately broadcast your availability for your next job to participating recruiters.

  • Job Notify - The Black Book Job Notify feature will allow you to receive immediate notification of jobs matching your selected skill sets.

  • The Job Search Tool - Select "search jobs" from the main menu and then filter for your skill set and industry. Much easier than scanning the job boards. If you have a Black Book profile, then you can save your searches for use at a later time.

  • Job Boards - there are 12 job boards for you to choose from. Pick your industry from the main menu and then select a job board. Posts are listed from the most recent first to the oldest last.

  • Hotsheets - Jobs in your discipline emailed directly to you. HotSheet emails are sent out once a day, after 4PM Pacific time. They contain all jobs posted for the selected discipline in the previous 24 hours. If no jobs were posted for the selected discipline in the previous 24 hours, then no HotSheet will be published for that day. It's up to you to subscribe and unsubscribe to the Hotsheets and the instructions for managing your subscriptions are on the Hotsheets listing page and at the bottom of every Hotsheet that is published.

  • The Nuclear Outage List/Schedule and the Petro-Chem Turnaround List - These are user updated lists showing plants, locations and dates for maintenance outages and turnarounds.

  • Client Shop Listings - Every industry area has an associated listing of client shops. Just select an area from the main menu, then select shops. Only our client shops are listed.

  • Other Services - This is an area of that lists products or services of interest to the traveling worker. There are hotel/motel listings (some with discounted rates for users), education opportunities, resumes services, tax preparation services, etc.

  • RSS Feeds - For those workers that want their job posting updates on a more real-time basis, we have RSS feeds for all 12 boards and a good selection of disciplines. You will need an RSS reader application and then point your app to the RSS feed you're interested in (click on the "RSS Feed" link and then cut and paste the URL into your application).

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